‘World’s Largest Rubber Duck’ at Detroit Auto Show Celebrates ‘Duck Duck Jeep’ Movement

Detroit — Travelers on Jefferson Avenue downtown may see a strange sight this week and next: a 61-foot inflatable rubber duck.

The “World’s Largest Rubber Duck” is one of the new additions to the redesigned Detroit Auto Show that includes outdoor activities as well as tracks and exhibits in the Huntington Place Convention Center to better serve consumers with experiential attractions.

At first blush, a giant duck might seem like an odd choice for the North American International Auto Show. But rubber ducks have over the past two years found an affinity in the automotive space, particularly with the Jeep brand in a movement known as the “duck.” Owners will leave rubber ducks with positive messages on cool Jeeps they see.

The giant duck will appear alongside Jeep’s lineup outside the convention center from Wednesday until the end of the show on September 25. The SUV brand will be giving away ducks to attendees while supplies last, and merchandise for the giant duck will be available for purchase.

Thad Szott, president of the Detroit Automobile Dealers Association, which organizes the auto show, said he expects the duck to be the most popular social media buzz from the event.

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