Why Jeep had its best year ever in 2021

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Last year was one of the best in Jeep’s history. Jeep celebrated 80 years in the industry and made sure to go big on its special anniversary with a record number of new product launches, including the 392 Wrangler, 4xe Wrangler, the renewed Grand Cherokee and the reintroduced Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer.

Recently, I had a conversation with Scott Tallon, Head of Jeep Brand Product Marketing of North America, where he discussed all the major updates of the Jeep brand and why Jeep’s future looks bright. Here’s what he had to say about the brand’s success.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep began in 2021 with the first electrified Wrangler, the Wrangler 4xe (pronounced “four of e”). 4xe takes Wrangler’s best attributes and reinforces them (pun intended). It’s an extremely capable version of the Wrangler and is “not a compromise in any way,” Tallon said. “It just got better.” Drivers everywhere agree – Wrangler 4xe was the best-selling plug-in hybrid in North America for 2021.

The Wrangler 4xe produces 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque, making it one of the most powerful jeeps ever made. It is also effective. With a combined rating of 48 mpg and a 20 mile full electric range, it is a sensible and economical purchase. “What we find is that it is not uncommon for Wrangler 4xe owners to travel 1,000 miles on a single tank of gasoline,” Tallon said.

In addition to the efficient and capable Wrangler 4xe, the Wrangler 392 is a perfect, pure performance Wrangler built for excitement. This Wrangler is all about fun on and off the beaten track, producing 470 horsepower and 470 pounds of torque.

“This is a special vehicle,” Tallon said. “Especially with the Xtreme Recon package with higher performance and special editions of colors that we have rolled out.” In terms of these colors, Jeep has introduced Chief Blue, Nacho, Gecko Green and Tuscadero, the latter being the lightest pink you have ever seen on a Wrangler. And you should get used to seeing it – Jeep has already received over 30,000 orders.

Why Jeep had its best year ever in 2021

Jeep Grand Cherokee L and Grand Cherokee

As exciting as the 4xe and 392 Wranglers are, the all-new Grand Cherokee L was one of the main driving forces behind Jeep’s record year. A three-line upgrade from the traditional two-line Grand Cherokee, the Grand Cherokee L was a big hit in its first year.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been the flagship of the Jeep brand since the 1990s. When it first hit the market in 1993, the landscape was very different – there were fewer SUVs and more cars on the road. Buyers were drawn to the Grand Cherokee because of its true four-wheel drive, distinctive design and premium features not available in other vehicles.

“Building on that tradition year after year, the Grand Cherokee became the most award-winning SUV ever,” Tallon said. “It’s not something we took lightly for the fifth generation. This new generation has improved in every way.”


Since its debut 30 years ago, buyers have been drawn to the distinctive style of the Grand Cherokee. Although the new styling is a departure from the rounded fourth generation styling cues, it is still very distinguishable as a Jeep. The upright grille with seven tracks gives the Grand Cherokee a strong presence, the wider wheel set gives it a more pronounced stance and the angles give just the right proportions.

The interior has also been renewed for the 2022 model. “We welcomed rich materials. Authentic wood, metal, leather and contrasting colors are everywhere. Buyers will find the interior very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing,” says Scott.

Until this new generation, the Grand Cherokee has been a two-row vehicle. After seeing a gap in the range, Jeep developed with the market and developed a three-row iteration of the Grand Cherokee – called the Grand Cherokee L. “The Grand Cherokee L must be an uncompromising design. Not only is the second row the best in the class’ legroom, but there is no compromises for the passengers in the third row either “, said Tallon. “The third row is no longer an expulsion box.”


To improve the Grand Cherokee’s capacity, each trim now comes with an active transmission housing that allows the vehicle to move 100% of the torque between the axles. The next generation of Quadralift air suspension can handle 24 inches of water and offers the best ground clearance in its class. Towing is estimated at £ 7,200 for Grand Cherokees with a V8 engine and £ 6,200 when equipped with a V6.

While the Grand Cherokee is still an exceptional off-road vehicle, the driving dynamics of the new Grand Cherokee on the road are outstanding. “Driving dynamics are far superior to the fourth generation,” said Tallon. “Driving on the road is truly world-class.”


The new Grand Cherokee offers the most comprehensive standard safety suite of features for any SUV in its class. Features such as blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic warning and more are standard on all equipment levels. In addition to these standard features, there are special features such as night vision and a forward-facing trail cam, with even more options.

Why Jeep had its best year ever in 2021

Grand Wagoneer was first introduced in 1962 and was Jeep’s flagship before the Grand Cherokee arrived in the 90’s. When its appeal reached its peak in the 80’s, the Grand Wagoneer was, as Tallon said, “the American premium SUV”.

Grand Wagoneer caters to a high-class demographic and had premium features that no one else offered. With this kind of story in its name, Jeep did not take half the steps to take back the Grand Wagoneers nameplate. “It has to be the modern iteration of what American premiums should be,” Tallon said. “Before the new Grand Wagoneer, we had no offer in the large SUV segment and we were not in the premium space … it must be worth its name.”


Grand Wagoneer has an elegant exterior design and is beautiful, recognizable and different in its design. You know right away that it’s not just another big shoebox SUV. The grid is wide and bold. The windows and pillars are smooth and nicely connected. In short, Grand Wagoneer is magnificent in every sense of the word.

On the inside, the Grand Wagoneer is the top of the line with incredible attention to detail in its materials and colors. There is over 75 inches of total screen space in the Grand Wagoneer, with a dedicated passenger screen that allows the passenger to act as a legitimate navigation assistant. Massively heated and cooled seats are also available.

The second and third rows also have access to first-class amenities. “The third row is tilted 20 degrees. The second row passengers are offered heated and cooled captain’s seats. The passengers in the third row have the best legroom in the class. Everyone has their sanctuary. Screens can be loaded with whatever you want,” Tallon said. “Grand Wagoneer is, in short, extremely comfortable.”

Why Jeep had its best year ever in 2021


However, Jeep has not forgotten what makes a Jeep a Jeep, and Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are as capable as you can expect from the brand. Grand Wagoneer can tow up to 10,000 pounds, offers a two-speed gearbox and has up to 10 inches of ground clearance. Regardless of the conditions, Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will take you wherever you want.

“This customer expects to be pampered in style, luxury and comfort. So we focused on the customers and gave them the new benchmark in a large, American SUV,” said Tallon.

Whether it’s the new Wrangler options, Grand Cherokee L and Grand Cherokee or Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, Jeep has some exciting vehicles for 2022 and beyond.

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Why Jeep had its best year ever in 2021

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