Why is billionaire Bruce Wayne driving a $19,000 Jeep Renegade in ‘Batman v Superman’?

Normally, whenever you consider automobiles in Batman films, one of many many Batmobiles we have seen on display involves thoughts. However we briefly noticed the Jeep Renegade within the highlight for it Batman v Superman: Daybreak of Justice movie. Why did billionaire Bruce Wayne drive a cheap Jeep as a substitute of an costly unique automotive?

Bruce Wayne will get behind the wheel of a Jeep Renegade in ‘Batman v Superman’

Jeep Renegade “Daybreak of Justice” Version | Stellantis

A part of the opening scene of Batman v Superman was the top of Superman, the 2013 Superman movie starring Henry Cavill. Nevertheless, it’s shot from Bruce Wayne’s standpoint. When Superman fought his Normal Zod, the town of Metropolis was destroyed.

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