Why I bought a Jeep Compass petrol AT: Delivery & 1st 100 km experience

Upgraded from a Maruti Suzuki SX4, which has been my workhorse for the past 13 years.

BHPian car-go recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got my Sport Petrol DDCT delivered last Saturday! Enjoying the drive, and just as Sharan had expressed the experience. Up to 25-26 km / h, the car is sluggish, after which it explodes over long distances. It’s like when you start from the traffic, everyone seems to whiz past and mine is a white elephant, elegant and balanced (ha! Ha! Ha!). After a while, it runs into action, very well-behaved and ready on the road.

City and retailer: Kolkata (Celica Automobiles), accessory from Glix.

What I liked: All. It was also a family decision that included my wife and 7 year old daughter. We were no longer looking for another car. TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) is a welcome addition.

What may be left: Fog lights (they were in the pre-facelift model), rear pakethylla. Compared to my SX4, I lack the spare wheel in full size.

What I did not mind: 8 “infotainment screen instead of 10” (in higher models) for me the visual difference was not much (personal opinion only), or 3.5 “instrument cluster instead of 7” or up (higher models).


I have driven Maruti 800 STD (my dad had one, I got one later – both petrol; it was several years that I drove them since 1994, until around 2003. Then I got a Tata Indica DLS (Diesel), which I drove for another 6 years.In between I was in the US where I drove a number of cars that included (US versions, in case these cars would come to India) Ford Escort, GMC Envoy, Pontiac Grand AM (full-coverage two-door sports coupe), Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord , some pickup trucks and vans!

Back in India I got a Maruti SX4 ZXI (2009 petrol), which has been my workhorse for 13 long years! It was a charm that drove it, always. Wanted to change car when maintenance including tires took a toll and it was already quite a few years with it by now (it itches!).

Choosing a vehicle

I was split on choosing either petrol (have loved it for so long, given the maintenance issues in my diesel Indica in the past) or diesel (given the grunt according to TBhp reviews), and between manual (so far) and automatic (my knees sometimes shows wear). Celica Automobiles is the only dealer in Kolkata. However, they have been super responsive. Vishal Gupta for sale has been a charm.

I first wanted to get the Sport Petrol MT, but they informed me that Jeep is closing down the Sport MT (both in petrol and diesel) and Longitude versions. Later when asked why Jeep had kept the models on its website, they said that it was a marketing tactic to keep the lowest prices (read Sport) and the range (read, Longitude) there for a while to attract customers.

Did test drives for both diesel manual (Limited) and petrol automatic (Model S). The dealer was very responsive; they were at my house within an hour after they called for a test drive. Diesels grunting was there, but that bolt was something I still did not like (personal opinion only). The petrol was good except for the first pickup that has already been covered, but I can live with it for another reason – my wife. She always complains that I drive too fast or in overtaking mode. This gasoline was so calm that my wife loved it. When it takes to pick up speed, she can not feel the acceleration inside the cabin.

So we were content with the petrol machine and the brilliant white color. The color is significantly improved from the white before facelift (rather off-white). We had driven cars in blue, red, black, steel / silver and this time we wanted white as it also “looked” big.

Dealer experience and delivery

Celica was super responsive as I mentioned earlier. When the car arrived, they gladly complied with my request for a PDI at the workshop, which is also their warehouse. During the delivery in the showroom (Park Street, Kolkata) the experience was excellent. Included a cake cut and a regular photo shoot. They gave about 8 lt. petrol to get started, for which I definitely had to land at the nearest petrol station. TBhp was all the way with the reviews, PDI checklists and more!

OTR came to Rs 22.7 lakhs approx. after the price increase in April and a small discount due to production in March ’22. Included ex-showroom, taxes, accessories (floor mats and mudguards only), insurance (slightly higher, but had negotiated; I prefer to get my new car insurance from the dealer to ensure the details are good, and I get the right service if something happens during the very first year).

Delivery demon was given in detail by Vishal, with all papers carefully explained. The paper manual was provided, but found that the online soft copy was much more detailed. He has been a pretty meticulous and accommodating guy throughout the sales process, with no rushed or hard sales surcharges.

I got a chair cover, joystick and dashboard idol from Glix, Salt Lake. It took about 4 hours. The experience at Glix was just as great, and this has been recommended by TBhp members. Everyone came up with around Rs. 16K.

Driven until now

After driving over 100 km, the average mileage is around 9.5 km / l. At about 50 km it was 11 km / l, and then the numbers of stop and go traffic decreased too much. Only once did I receive a ‘service transfer’ warning; restarting the engine helped (according to the operating instructions) to get rid of it. Since then, it has not returned, touching wood.

Now to the pictures

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