What do the letters JEEP stand for?

The Jeep brand is synonymous with the 4×4 convertible. Even in parts of the world where Jeep doesn’t have SUVs, people refer to any 4WD as a “Jeep”. But have you ever wondered where the word Jeep originally came from? The first Jeeps didn’t even bear that name: the Willys company built the “Quad” for the Allies to use during World War II. The word “Jeep” began life as slang based on an official military abbreviation.

What does JEEP stand for?

When Willys offered its 4×4 “Quad” to World War II troops, the Army classified it as their 1/4-Ton General Vehicle, or GP for short. The soldiers gave the beloved 4×4 the nickname “Jeep”. And after the war, Willys trademarked the name and launched its first “Civilian Jeep” – the iconic CJ.

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