What Are the Differences Between GMC and Chevy Small Trucks for 2023?

Chevy and GMC both make good smaller trucks that share the same frame, most body panels and interior, and engines. They are incredibly similar, but they also have some key features that set them apart. GMC trucks are generally more feature-packed and Chevys are generally less expensive. In general. For 2023, both Chevy and GMC got twin small trucks, the Canyon and Colorado, redesigned, throwing out the window the old rules that separate these two small trucks.

Small trucks like the GM twins are doing more than ever

GMC Canyon in AT4, AT4X Edition 1 and Denali | GMC

Small trucks are great and for most of us they do all the truck stuff we need. Today’s small trucks can tow, pull, and even accelerate like yesterday’s giant V8-powered full-size trucks. But they are easier to park, get better mileage and can cost less.

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