We tow handsfree with GM’s next generation Super Cruise

GM: s Super cruise is without a doubt one of the most important vehicle innovations to come out in the last two decades. This hands-off driving aid is available there with features such as spare cameras and automatic emergency braking. To further enhance Super Cruise, engineers have developed an improved version that is easier to use and offers additional features. We got to experience this updated system first and foremost at the automaker’s test site in Milford, Michigan, and it’s really impressive.

Super Cruise: The Basics

If you are not familiar, the Super Cruise automatically controls the vehicle’s speed and steering, so you can pull with your hands from the steering wheel – even if there are some warnings. The Super Cruise is geofensive, which means that it can only be driven on certain roads, especially shared highways with limited access, of which approximately 200,000 miles have been mapped in the USA and Canada. In addition, you also need to pay attention. A camera facing the driver ensures that you are always situation-aware and ready to intervene with a moment’s notice if the system needs a hand, does not watch TikTok videos on your phone or takes a nap in the back seat.

Super Cruise was launched about five years ago Cadillac CT6 since and since day one, the system has worked phenomenal well. It is smooth, almost instantly trustworthy and intuitive. Based on this, the next generation version can be connected during towing and it is smart enough to change file automatically.

Super Cruise … GM does an amazing job even better.


Super towing

By making long journeys with trailers much easier, you will soon be able to pull with Super Cruise, something I experienced during a heavily camouflaged 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Denalian updated version of the GMC brand’s full-size truck.

Anywhere plain Super Cruise works, you will also be able to tow with it. Normally, this would not include a GM test site, although the Milford plant’s tracks have been mapped so that the system can operate there. Once you are on a suitable path that the system recognizes, just press the button and wait for the steering wheel lights to illuminate green. When they do, this indicates that you are super cruising and can take your hands off the steering wheel and relax … just not too much, because you have to be alert and ready to take over.

I only experienced it for a few minutes, but towing with Super Cruise was a seamless experience. The system works just as well when you pull a huge box trailer as it does in one Cadillac CT6. The system is responsive and builds the driver’s confidence in seconds.

Aside from being a gift from god to drivers who regularly tow trailers, the ability to tow with Super Cruise should give GM a leg up against rivals who develop similar practical driving aids. For example, you will not be able to do the same Ford BlueCruiseat least when it first comes out.

Automatic file change

Another smart Super Cruise feature is the ability to change files automatically. If you have the system set to, say, 70 mph and you approach another vehicle driving only 60, the vehicle recognizes this, changes lanes to pass the slower moving obstacle and then returns to the previous lane. These maneuvers are seamless: as agile as a human could do. Super Cruise even flashes the turn signals while you do all this, something human drivers often neglect to do.

Automatic file switching works everywhere where Super Cruise can be engaged, although unfortunately it is disabled during towing, which is probably smart. This feature can also automatically move over a vehicle if it is in a lane that runs out, an incredibly smart touch.

Super cruising can be a gift from God as you pedal through rush hour traffic.

Steven Ewing / Roadshow

In addition, reinforced Super cruise offers file exchange-on-demand functionality. If you want to move over, just press the turn signal lever and if done, the vehicle will go over. If you engage the shaft completely, it will still only move one lane at a time; you must reactivate the turn signals for each file you want to replace.

Vehicle intelligence platform

The next generation of Super Cruises’ innovative new features are made possible by several things. GM’s new Vehicle Intelligence Platform electrical architecture provides more throughput for the system’s various computers and sensors. In addition, 360-degree radar matrices have been added so that the latest version of the Super Cruise can see the entire vehicle. This add-on allows the system to watch the traffic, so that it does not jump out in front of another car or truck zooming past. Enhanced Super Cruise is smart enough to accelerate or decelerate so that it can try to find a suitable hatch and change lanes.

With better radar devices and other sensors (and probably unfathomable amounts of software linking all of this), engineers also improved the driver’s attention monitor. It has better sunscreen performance so the system does not disconnect when you drive into the sun and it is low in the sky, the system can track head position and moments so it is better to know if you are paying attention – – and it even works polarized sunglasses.

The future, today

Super Cruise is GM’s killer app. Since its release, it has been a seriously impressive kit and the improved version feels like one significant stepped forward even in my admittedly limited testing. The possibilities of towing with the connected and using the automatic file change are smart functions.

After years of being chained to just one model in one of its divisions, it finally seems that the automaker is realizing the importance of this technology. You can get Super Cruise in Chevy Bolt EUV all-electric crossover right now and GM is expanding its availability – including the improved version – to 22 different models by 2023, which for the future is a little closer to the present.

And finally, GM is driving this groundbreaking driver assistance across its entire product portfolio. You will be able to get new Super Cruises in six 2022 year models starting in Q1 2022. This includes Cadillac Escalade, CT4 and CT5 models, the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra and Hummer EV pickup. By 2023, it should be available in as many as 22 different models.

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