This is the best feature of the GMC Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX

GMC Canyon is a popular choice when it comes to pickup bodywork: a market segment in which every automaker competes fiercely, and also one of the most popular among American buyers. The AT4 package was introduced by GMC in 2019 and has proven to be a success, bringing new buyers to the GMC family. OVRLANDX is an off-road concept that GMC claims will offer the best off-road and outdoor adventure features without compromising on style or comfort.

Let’s find out more about OVRLANDX and its best features that make outdoor life a first-class trip.

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Born offroader from the factory

GMC Canyon is one of the best off-road pickups you can buy thanks to its four-wheel drive system with Eaton G80 rear automatic locking differential, large tires and well-balanced ground clearance.

OVRLANDX is capable of extreme off-road driving because a long list of features is added to the list. OVRLANDX has a ground clearance of 10.0 inches thanks to 33-inch BFGoodrich KM3 Mud-Terrain tires on 17-inch AEV Crestone wheels. Cast iron steering arms replace the aluminum arms for a longer service life and increase the truck’s rigidity when driving off-road. A snorkel is supplied as standard to allow cooler airflow into the engine and contributes to the truck’s ability to research deep water. The deck arrangement in combination with the snorkel allows OVRLANDX to water anything up to 32.1 inches.

Along with the list of added terrain characteristics, there is a wide terrain chassis with improved underbody coverage. Next to the doors, OVERLANDX off-road rocker wears panel protection. The front is connected to a powerful front bumper with winch and integrated recovery points.

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Things get more interesting on the back

The OVRLANDX concept takes adventure and outdoor life to the next level. The rear end of the GMC Canyon does not really have a flatbed, and instead it is loaded with features. To begin with, GMC fitted an AEV rear terrain bumper and a stainless steel truck cap.

Above the bed cap in stainless steel is a roof tent that comes on the standard list and a tent with large coverage. Along both sides of the bed cap, OVRLANDX is charged: one side holds cans for petrol and water and some storage space and the other side gets a cooler and kitchenette. The design of the kitchenette really gives the premium feeling of outdoor adventure when the glasses, knives and forks are kept in place.

The truck bed storage is almost full and takes up most of the truck bed. Inside there are drawers that can be filled with optional accessories, such as drawing boards, booster packs, hinges, ropes and first aid kits. The spare tire is mounted on a swivel gate.

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Last hand and best feature

The AT4 package blends well with the AEV terrain accessories. This is one of the benefits of having an off-road vehicle from the factory. If you take a closer look at the front bumper, the LED light strip is uniform with the bumper, the sliding plate hides the powerful winch and the color scheme is perfect. The grille highlights the car’s aggressive and first-class design, together with intelligent headlights from the AT4 package. A small detail from the shape of the grill is the snorkel intake, shaped similar to the grill.

OVRLANDX also has Multimatic DSSVTM attenuators. Simply explained, DSSVTM stands for Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve. This is what keeps supercars on track at high speeds and trucks like the Chevy Silverado ZR2 jump over dunes without bending the frame. It is a suspension system that will dictate how the valves open and close depending on the driving dynamics.

Overall, this off-road vehicle concept will give the premium feel of driving home after a long day of outdoor adventure, without compromising on quality, comfort or reliability. This is one of the best features that OVRLANDX provides, as similar trucks as the Land Rover Discovery come at an expensive MSRP, budget builds have a balance in quality and comfort, and some other off-road vehicles are not good to drive on long journeys. AT4 Canyon’s MSRP is $ 39,595, given that the same 3.6L V6 engine will be used in OVRLANDX, we may soon see this concept on GMC dealers listed around $ 55,000 – $ 60,000.

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