This is how the Jeep Wrangler can bankrupt you

The Jeep The Wrangler comes to mind when you think of a vehicle that can take you from summer, when you can cruise across the dunes, to winter, when it can take you on your next skiing adventure. For people who like to be out in nature, muddy roads and pretty much any activity that involves being out in nature, this off-road vehicle is the perfect choice. Of course, the Wrangler’s popularity only grew with time, but this car is now known for both its devoted following and long list of flaws and quirks.

Year 2021, The customer emphasized that for the 19th consecutive year, Brand keys named the Jeep, “America’s most patriotic brand.” Of course, this recognition affects the brand value of Jeep vehicles and helps the company’s ability to stand out from the competition. Still, Jeep’s popularity isn’t limited to the United States. In fact, even abroad there are jeep clubs and forums where enthusiasts discuss the selling points of this legendary brand. However, many owners also note that the Jeep Wrangler has many flaws and maintenance issues that end up being very expensive. So here’s how the Jeep Wrangler will bankrupt you with repairs and maintenance bills.

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These are the most common Jeep Wrangler problems

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The Wrangler has multiple issues related to the powertrain, ignition interlock, oil leaks, water leaks, AC, corroded tailgate, clogged fuel injectors, catalytic converter failures and a host of other things. The most common problems reported by owners are water leaks near the A-pillar and at the leading edge of the driver and passenger side doors. Problems with the ignition switch forced Jeep to issue a recall, and a failed throttle position sensor (TPS) is another reported fault. One of the most dangerous problems that comes with Jeep Wrangler ownership is that “death wobbling”, which happened to several models. Drivers traveling at speeds over 65 mph on the highway report that the “death swerve” caused them to lose control of their cars. This happens when drivers encounter a pothole or an obstacle on the road.

“Jeep had the first series of death wobbles in 2013. Chrysler refused to take responsibility for their faulty design and we paid $1,500 for the repair,” said Anja W. “Yesterday we had another violent death wave. I expect we will have to pay the same again, but would like to know if there isn’t still a class action. It’s a dangerous problem, and they should be held responsible for all the defective cars they made.”

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These are the worst years for Jeep Wrangler ownership

2012 Jeep Wrangler - Black
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Obviously, some years are better for ownership than others. As many Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts are aware, it is recommended to avoid the 2012 Wrangler model as this Jeep became known for its dismal customer reviews and countless problems. According to, the 2012 Jeep Wrangler is the worst-rated year, so it’s hardly surprising that satisfaction ratings are also low. In addition, this vehicle does not receive high marks in crash tests. For example National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tested the Wrangler’s rollover resistance and gave it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

In addition, i IIHS crash test and rollover safety ratingsThe 2012 Jeep Wrangler two-door SUV got one Margin results for Small Overlap Driver. It got one though Poor for hip/thigh injury and lower leg injury. For the side, it got an overall result of Poor, while the rear received an overall result of Margin and Moderate Overlap Front.

The 2012 Jeep Wrangler four-door SUV fared slightly better, earning an overall Good for Moderate Overlap Front and Small Overlap Driver, but it got one Margin results for Side and Rear. In the meantime, have IIHS did not test the Jeep Wrangler in a rollover event. To be fair, the debate about the Jeep Wrangler’s poor crash test results is nothing new, and unfortunately the conversation continued even after 2012.

During 2018, Car news announced Wrangler’s Euro NCAP results. According to the publication, the Wrangler received a one-star rating in the frontal crash test. However, it performed better in side impact and whiplash tests. Euro NCAP concluded that the Wrangler offered only minimal protection for the chest, body and neck of the driver and passenger.

Instead of working to improve the vehicle’s safety features and apologizing to customers who purchased the vehicle, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles responded in a statement that the Jeep Wrangler “meets or exceeds federal safety requirements in every market where it is sold. Additionally, the Jeep Wrangler is engineered to deliver superior performance and unique driving experiences in the most demanding conditions. Test protocols that apply exclusively to urban scenarios may not suit such a vehicle.”

Car news clapped back at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles by saying that “urban scenarios may not fit together is a stretch. Most, if not all, of these Wranglers will see most of their time in urban and suburban areas.”

In addition to the 2012 model, potential buyers should also avoid the 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 models. Needless to say, a vehicle with so many problems and issues will bankrupt you through repair and maintenance costs.

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