These are our favorite features of the new GMC Sierra Denali Pickup

Over the years, Pickup trucks have reinvented themselves from being considered purely workhorses for transportation to being versatile machines, changing roles from being a personal SUV to being a family vehicle and of course, towing equipment as needed. Pickup trucks have remained popular for their versatility and sheer ruggedness, based on 2020 data, 3 of the 5 best-selling vehicles in the United States were pickup trucks, showing that the pickup truck will remain an important part of automotive culture for the foreseeable future.

GMC is taking the pickup truck even further by promoting the concept of luxury cars and repositioning the Sierra line as a premium entry in the pickup market, clearly differentiating it from its cheap cousin, the Chevrolet Silverado. Consequently, the GMC Sierra Denali is packed with advanced gadgets and features that make it feel more like a sophisticated and comfortable SUV than a standard performance pickup truck. These are our favorite features of the new GMC Sierra Denali Pick up.

8 Larger cargo bed

What’s a pickup truck without a cargo box? Frankly, the benefit of a pickup truck to its owner can literally come down to the size of the cargo box, and in recognition of the varying demands on cargo box sizes for different drivers, GMC offers the Denali with a cargo box that starts at 5.8 feet to the extra long the option of 8 feet in length.

7 Six-function Multipro tailgate

Having a pickup truck with a spacious cargo box isn’t enough these days, the ability to interact with the payload after being loaded into the truck is just as important, and the tailgate has been a way to improve that accessibility for manufacturers. The Sierra Denali’s tailgate is designed to perform six different functions including serving as a primary gate, it has a built-in cargo stop to secure long items, a portion of the tailgate can be opened to create a step into the cargo box that can support 375 pounds of weight. The gate also provides the capacity for the second load level and can also be placed as a workplace out in the field. The multi-functionality of the tailgate is truly something to admire and definitely a game changer for pickup design going forward.


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6 Adaptive cruise control

Denali is equipped with adaptive cruise control that makes long hauls in the truck a stress-free drive. While the normal cruise control maintains a specific speed while driving and requires the driver to press the brake pedal to brake the vehicle when necessary, the adaptive cruise control can be used to maintain a specific speed and gap. Therefore, the car can automatically slow itself down to maintain the specified gap in traffic and even bring the car to a stop. This not only improves the ease of driving the vehicle but also its safety, as drivers have been known to lose concentration after long periods of cruise control engagement.


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5 Damping Adaptive Ride Control

Towing or hauling a heavy load can make the driving experience difficult as the vehicle’s reaction to the load on the different driving surface and conditions makes it difficult to control the vehicle. The adaptive ride control damping in Denali takes into account vehicle load, suspension position, vehicle speed and driving surface, among other things, to adjust the damping suspension to ensure a comfortable ride and improved vehicle control.

4 Lightweight Carbon Pro Cargo Bed

Steel is the most common material used for truck construction, but for the Denali, GMC used CarbonPro—a carbon fiber composite used in supercars and aerospace applications—to construct the cargo box. Because of CarbonPro’s light weight, the Denali is 62 pounds lighter than it would have been with a steel bed. The material is also very durable and resistant to corrosion and scratches, giving the Denali an advantage over many of its competitors with steel and aluminum beds for which these have been serious problems.

3 Crazy interior space and legroom

As a luxury pickup, the Denali wasn’t designed with interior space as an afterthought, rather the truck is roomy on the inside both up front and for passengers riding in the back. The 44.53-inch legroom and 43.03-inch headroom allows for comfortable seating for most normal-sized people and is at the upper end of the spectrum for pickup trucks in its class.


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2 DFM cylinder deactivation

The Sierra Denali is equipped with 4.3-liter EcoTec3 V6 and 5.3-liter EcoTec3 V8 engines, but the Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) cylinder deactivation system allows the truck to run on only two cylinders in times of low power demand, such as when nothing are pulled into the truck and turn off the cylinders that are not in use. This optimizes the engine and improves its efficiency, more impressive is the DFM system’s ability to switch activated cylinders to avoid accelerated wear of a particular set of cylinders.


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1 15-camera viewing system

With a truck the size of the Denali, maneuvering in tight spaces or parking close to other vehicles is definitely a challenge. To help the driver, the truck is equipped with a camera system that can show 15 different views around the truck.

These include the standard rear camera view with guidelines, traction control view to assist with alignment when hooking up a trailer. There is also an aerial view around the truck and a front camera view to help with off-road driving.

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