The two best-selling American SUVs lead sales

Suddenly this summer, two of the oldest names in the SUV world have come to the fore, competing with the Toyota Highlander for the top spot in the mid-range segment: the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Ford Explorer. But for years, these two were also considered drifters in the SUV world and languished without much attention. What improvements have been made to the Explorer and Cherokee, and should you skip a Highlander and go for one of these best-selling American SUVs?

Both were recently redesigned

The Ford Explorer received a major refresh in 2020 and the Grand Cherokee in 2022. That’s one reason why they make it to the top. They are new. Buyers who are brand loyal, and you know who you are, keep an eye on the brand to see when a new model comes out and like to buy the freshest version of their favorite. Also, new versions simply take buyers to showrooms to check them out.

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