The return of the flagship SUV

Bold. Powerful. Tough! These are words that best describe a Jeep SUV. In fact, the company’s current portfolio in India, which includes the Compass, Meridian and Wrangler, all embody these aspects. And so does this new model! Yes, we are talking about the new fifth generation Jeep Grand Cherokee. Interestingly, the Grand Cherokee was one of the first models launched by Jeep when it first started its India journey back in 2016. Although it came to India as a pre-built unit, this one, is being assembled right here in India. The SUV is currently in its fifth generation and it has become bolder, smarter and much more feature-packed. But is it really worthy of that ‘Flagship’ tag?

Design and dimensions

Globally, the Grand Cherokee is offered in several variants and two different wheelbase options, but India only gets the smaller, two-row model in the top-spec ‘Limited O’ variant. Now, despite being the shorter wheelbase model, the India-spec Grand Cherokee is massive. The SUV is just under 5 meters long, almost 2 meters wide and has a wheelbase that is almost 3 meters long.

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee is in its 5th generation, and the design and styling have become sharper and more premium.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Measure
Length 4914 mm
Width 1979 mm
eHeight 1792 mm
Wheelbase 2964 mm
Service weight 2097 kg

Visually, the new Grand Cherokee looks sharper and much more premium compared to its predecessor. But some of the SUV’s signature cues are still intact, like the long clamshell hood, the signature 7-slot grille and the classic silhouette of a boxy SUV. The grille has some bold chrome highlights, while at either end you get sleeker LED headlights and LED daytime running lights. There is also a new front bumper that comes with a larger intake and more chrome inserts at the bottom.

The Grand Cherokee comes with a wheelbase that is almost 3 meters long and large massive 20-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels.

View it in profile and you’ll see the undercarriage fairing runs across the profile of this new Grand Cherokee and covers the square wheel arches, which house a set of massive 20-inch, 5-spoke alloy wheels. You’ll also notice the “Grand Cherokee” lettering on each side of the front doors, finished in chrome, along with more chrome accents on the ORVM, window sills and roof rails. But as you know, all Jeep SUVs come with a few Easter eggs, and so does this one. On the right, rear quarter glass, you will find the silhouettes of all 5 generations of Grand Cherokee, while on the left side is the silhouette of the iconic Willys Jeep. These are the things that add to the legacy of the Jeep brand.

The Easter eggs on this Jeep include a silhouette of all 5 generations of the Grand Cherokee on the rear right quarter window.

As for the rear part, here too everything is much neater and tighter. The slim taillights look quite premium and add to the SUV’s distinctive look, while the electric tailgate has a sleek, sculpted design. The rear bumper gets some heavy cladding, along with chrome highlights and reflectors.

The thin taillights on the new Grand Cherokee look quite premium and add to the SUV’s distinctive look.

Interior And Cabin Design

Step into the cabin of the Grand Cherokee and you will see that it is perhaps the most advanced and high-tech SUV from Jeep India to date. The fit and finish are simply superb. Jeep has used plenty of soft-touch materials on the dashboard and door panels, along with premium wood inserts and brushed silver accents. The seats are upholstered in Capri leather and come with perforated inserts, saying that while the driver and front passenger get ventilated seats, the rear gets a heated function. The two front seats also get an 8-way power adjustment function.

The Grand Cherokee gets an all-black interior with premium fit and finish and plenty of amenities.

Other features on offer include dual-zone climate control, a large panoramic sunroof, a central armrest for both rows (the rear is a folding one with cup holders) and retractable blinds for the rear windows. The Grand Cherokee also comes with heated ORVMs and a heated multifunction steering wheel.

The Grand Cherokee gets dual-zone climate control, a large panoramic sunroof, a center armrest for both rows and retractable blinds for the rear windows.

Functions and technology

But that’s not all, the Grand Cherokee also comes with a head-up display along with not one, not two, but three screens on the dashboard. And it’s definitely a segment-first feature. The first is a fully digital 10.25-inch instrument cluster right behind the steering wheel, and then you have a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment display in the center of the dash, which is loaded with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a host of connectivity outfits like – geofence , remote locking and unlocking of doors, smartwatch integration and automatic SOS call.

The Grand Cherokee also comes with a head-up display along with three screens on the dashboard.

As for the third display, it’s a different touchscreen unit except for the front passenger. This unit gives the co-driver controls for music, navigation, surround camera and more functions in the car. Other features include rain-sensing windshield wipers and auto-dimming digital rearview mirror, and a 9-speaker Alpine amplified sound system with a subwoofer.


In addition to ADAS, the SUV also gets 8 airbags, 360-degree camera, and 3-point seat belts with reminders and adjustable headrests for all passengers.

The Grand Cherokee is also the first Jeep SUV to come with Advanced Driver Assistant Systems or ADAS in India. These include adaptive cruise control, collision assistance, blind spot monitoring and active lane keeping. Apart from ADAS, the SUV also gets a ton of active and passive safety features like – 8 airbags, ISOFIX, 360-degree camera, four-wheel control, advanced brake assist, electric parking brake and a tire pressure monitoring system, among others. All passengers get 3-point seat belts with reminders and adjustable headrests.

Engine and performance

The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee is powered by a new 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine.

Now, the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee is powered by a new 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine, and there is no diesel engine offered. The engine is tuned to produce around 268bhp, and maximum power is achieved at around 5200rpm. As with all turbocharged engines there is a very noticeable lag in the lower revs, but as soon as you pass the 2000rpm mark the engine comes to life and feels very lively. This is also thanks to the massive 400 Nm of peak torque, which is achieved around 3000 rpm.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine specifications
Displacement 1995 cc
Maximum power 268 hp at 5200 rpm
Maximum torque 400 Nm at 3000 rpm
Transfer 8-speed automatic

The engine is quite powerful and feels peppy, and it comes standard with an 8-speed autobox.

The engine is connected to an 8-speed automatic torque converter unit, which is controlled via a rotary knob. And no, there is no manual version. Now the gearbox performs quite well, it shifts well and even when you try to floor the accelerator the lag is quite minimal.

Riding and handling

The Grand Cherokee handles really well, while the ride quality is also good, but the NVH levels could have been better.

In terms of ride quality, the Grand Cherokee feels quite plush and planted. It takes all the waves on the road quite easily and there are no sharp jerks or vibrations inside the cabin. Having said that, I feel the soundproofing could have been much better. Even with all the windows up, a lot of road noise seeps into the cabin. But that’s not really a deal-breaker because the SUV handles like a charm. The steering also has a nice weight that gives more confidence when driving at high speeds.

The SUV also gets Jeep’s trusted Quadra-Trac 4×4 system as standard. There is an integrated terrain camera, along with a Selec-Terrain system that includes 4 modes – Snow, Mud, Auto and Sports. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to test the SUV’s off-road capabilities due to lack of time. However, we would definitely like to test it when we get more time with this SUV.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers good performance, gets plenty of premium creatures, and some of the technologies offered are premium features.

Price and judgment

At Rs. 77.50 lakh (ex-showroom, India), the Jeep Grand Cherokee is quite attractively priced. Even the previous generation model, launched in India back in 2016, was over Rs. 16 lakh more expensive than the current model. But that’s not it, the SUV even undercuts all its closest rivals in the market. The Grand Cherokee is over Rs. 5.82 lakh cheaper than the Audi Q7, around Rs. 2.40 lakh cheaper than the BMW X5, and a good Rs. 18 lakh cheaper than the Volvo XC90.

Models Jeep Grand Cherokee Audi Q7 BMW X7 Volvo XC90
Price (from showroom) Rs. 77.50 lakhs Rs. 83.32 lakh – Rs. 90.80 lakh Rs. 79.90 lakh – Rs. 96.50 lakh Rs. 96.50 lakh

In a nutshell, the Jeep Grand Cherokee offers good performance, gets plenty of first-class creatures, and some of the technologies offered are top-notch features. Yes, some things could have been better, but what really sweetens the pot is the aggressive price tag, and we think that will attract many more buyers. So, coming back to our earlier question, is the Grand Cherokee worthy of the flagship label? Oh yes!

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