The new 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee makes its European debut with plug-in power

In an effort to strengthen its environmental credentials, Jeep will only offer its new Grand Cherokee SUV with its 4xe plug-in hybrid driveline in Europe, which marks the brand’s next step in electrification.

With its European debut, the company’s flagship SUV on this side of the Atlantic will launch a transition to only electrified powertrains as part of its European range, as the US brand will release its petrol and diesel engines by the end of the year, according to the CEO. Christian Meunier. However, a seven-seater three-stroke Grand Cherokee will not be offered here.

Meunier told Auto Express that “In most European markets except Italy, we will have a 100 percent electrified range – each Jeep will be either MHEV or 4xe. We will release ICE. We will release the regular gas [petrol] and diesel – and it will happen over the course of this year. It is a rather bold statement and an acceleration of our electrification towards our vision of zero-emission freedom. “

“And by 2025, we will have a zero-emission BEV Jeep in all global SUV segments. This is a great opportunity for Jeep, we believe.”

The brand’s fifth generation Grand Cherokee is based on a completely new architecture and has a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine that drives an eight-speed automatic transmission, while a 17.3 kWh battery powers a pair of electric motors (one engine / generator, the other a gearbox in the gearbox), which helps the Grand Cherokee hybrid maintain the model’s legendary off-road capability.

The petrol and electric engines produce a total of 375 hp and 637 Nm of torque, while Jeep claims a zero-emission range of 31 miles “in urban areas”. 4xe actually completed the famous off-road Rubicon trail on electric power only; however, the brand has not yet revealed any performance or fuel efficiency information.

As confirmed for the car in the US market, the 4xe driveline has three different E Selec driving modes: Hybrid, Electric and eSave. In hybrid mode, both power sources drive the wheels, and the car optimizes battery and petrol power to best balance fuel economy and performance. Electric priority is given to driving EV only, with the petrol engine only starting when the battery charge is discharged or the driver is requesting full throttle acceleration.

Finally, eSave will retain the battery charge for later use, for example in a built-up area with air quality restrictions. Users can also select a battery charge setting in eSave mode that sees the gasoline engine actively charge the battery while on the go. Regenerative braking also has a Max Regen setting to further increase efficiency and fully electric operation.

Due to the 4xe model’s battery pack, the Grand Cherokee has extra underbody protection in this area in the form of 3.5 mm steel grinding plates. These help prevent the cells from rupturing in the event of a knock during off-road driving.

Jeeps Quadra-Drive II 4×4 system, with a two-speed gearbox and a low-gear mode is offered, while there is also an electronically controlled rear differential with limited slip. The terrain-focused Trailhawk equipment level will have this technology, while the less sophisticated Quadra-Trac system will be available on models with lower specifications.

All Grand Cherokees have selectable driving modes tailored to different terrains, including Auto, Sport, Rock, Snow and Mud / Sand, while the Jeeps Select-Speed ​​Control Ascent / Descent feature is also included.

Standard-fitted Quadra-lift air suspension allows up to 277 mm of ground clearance, while the Grand Cherokee 4xe can wade through water up to 610 mm deep in the suspension’s highest Off Road 2 setting – 100 mm more than its predecessor. There is also a simple entry and exit function that will reduce the car’s ride height to make it easier to climb in and out, as well as to load.

The Grand Cherokee offers 567 liters of cargo space, 72 liters more than the previous model, while a new interior architecture gives a more exclusive look, Jeep claims. The horizontal elements on the dashboard include contrasting wood and leather details, while metal finishes and LED ambient lighting – plus double diamond-stitched quilted leather on top models – complement the redesign.

The new dashboard includes Jeep’s new UConnect 5 infotainment system as the Grand Cherokee comes loaded with more technology than ever. This includes no less than four 10-inch screens, according to Jeep.

A digital instrument panel is accompanied by a central display running the new infotainment set, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, wireless map updates, a 4G hotspot for up to eight devices and Amazon Alexa integration. There is also an interactive passenger display and a digital rearview mirror.

There is more storage space, including a trash can for two smartphones and a wireless charging pad, while the brand claims an increase in quality and comfort as well, thanks to a new seat design. Heating, cooling and massage will be available.

The safety rate has also been improved, with collision warning including detection of pedestrians and cyclists, plus autonomous braking. Rear lane detection, adaptive cruising, active lane management, lane change warning and lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, a reversing camera with parking sensors and tire pressure monitoring are also offered.

In addition to the redesigned interior, Jeep has also reviewed the 2022 Grand Cherokee’s exterior appearance, with a more sculpted, sportier look, which has retained its seven-bar brand layout.

This new design also has functional advantages, with the car’s lower, more tapered roof that helps to improve its aerodynamic performance and thus efficiency, while there is a lowered belt line that provides more glass space and lets more light into the cabin.

The UK’s Grand Cherokee models have blue accents for the brand that reflect the 4xe plug-in driveline, including the charging flap mounted on the car’s front wing. Blue towbars also have to further differentiate the plug-in hybrid.

The Grand Cherokee is on sale between February 24 and March 31, with the fully equipped Summit Reserve equipment as the only model offered to begin with. Grand Cherokee’s first 20 customers will benefit from an exclusive car experience. Deliveries begin in the summer.

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