The 1966 Jeep Super Wagoneer was the world’s first luxury SUV

The Jeep Wagoneer was the pioneer in bringing new innovations when it was first introduced. Many car historians have even said that the Jeep Super Wagoneer was the first luxury sports vehicle ever to offer better value for money compared to the military and truck-like vehicles that Land Rover offered at the time.

The Jeep Super Wagoneer really started the trend of offering luxurious and spacious cabs in a fully capable machine, which has been transferred to today’s full-size luxury SUVs.

Let’s dive into a little more detail and find out why the Jeep Super Wagoneer is the great father of luxury SUVs.

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Wagoneern’s history

Jeep released Wagoneer as early as 1963 and continued to produce Wagooner for more than 30 years. Jeep Wagoneer was built and targeted more for outdoor use and adventurous buyers. Wagoneer, which offered a pleasant ride along with off-road opportunities, was seen as a success. The early years of the Wagoneer model carried a 3.8-liter 6-cylinder engine that was fuel efficient at the time. Later models introduced new engines and made mechanical changes to the jeep. Jeep Wagoneer kept the same body for over 30 years, much like the Mercedes G-Wagon. Some of the most exciting features at the time that Wagoneer presented were independent standard suspension in front of RWD models, additional features included design with double tread springs and a safety package that introduces power brakes for SUVs and air conditioning.

Wagoneer was also a very comfortable ride for Americans, and despite the oil crisis of the 70’s, Wagoneer was loved by many. The Wagoneer had folding rear seats in combination with a huge luggage compartment, and the passenger seat was also foldable, which made the Wagoneer practical for all buyers. The interior and exterior of the Wagoneer were ahead of their competitors in terms of design and usability. While the sports coupes of the time, such as the Chevy Corvette, had sleek interiors and comfortable seats, the SUV race was predicted more as work-oriented vehicles with truck-like features on the inside, rather than luxury for other car manufacturers. The huge luxury feature that made Wagoneer ahead of its time was to combine an automatic transmission with a real 4×4 system, which was basically unusual then.

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The Super Wagoneer: Super Before Grand

Super Wagoneer was released in 1966 as a refreshment for previous years. It was a very limited production model, we can see it with today’s standards that the Grand Wagoneer, or the Grand Series Jeep releases. All Grand models have different body details that make them stand out from the base models. The Super Wagoneer in particular has a wider grille that meets round headlights as opposed to the boxy headlights used in the 1963-1965 Wagoneer.

It also got a high-performance version of the AMC 8 that produced 270 hp. This was due to the four-pipe carburetor used in the so-called Vigilante engine. This 327-inch engine was sold to Kaiser-Jeep from 1965 to 1967 for use in Jeep Wagoneer SUVs and Gladiator pick-ups.

Fun facts: The Jeep Wagoneer was one of the last cars to use carburetors until the late 1991 production models.

In addition, the Super Wagoneer came standard with AC, power steering and brakes and a console-switched automatic. The rear rear window was electric, the car also had tilt-adjustable steering and map lights. The wooden grains were much simpler in design, despite the fact that it went over the screens to the doors and the rear part was narrower and made the car look elegant. Another nice feature of that time was the radio button. Only four colors were available, Empire Blue, Indian Ceramic, Glacier White and Prairie Gold. The luxury heritage continued even in later production models. 1978 came along Limited Edition, which included electric seats, air conditioning, more soundproofing, automatic transmission, cruise control, power windows and safety features.

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How much does a Super Wagoneer cost today?

Super Wagoneer is a rare find. The biggest chance is that you will not find a well-maintained Wagoneer without resto mode as 55 years of rust has worked its way through the car. The good thing is that the car is a coveted collector’s item and Jeep enthusiasts are keen to rebuild any Super Wagoneer that comes up to them. To sum up the story, Wagoneer was a pioneer in introducing luxury SUVs to the most preferred car segment in America. Jeep has now unveiled the 2021 Wagoneer, which will go on sale very soon.

If you are considering buying a Super Wagoneer, there is a fully restored 1966 Jeep Super Wagoneer listed for sale at Top class cars for sale for $ 89,990.

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