The 11 best features of the Hummer EV

In the early 90’s, the actor, possibly a politician and the man who would constantly “be back”, drove Arnold Schwarzenegger to sell the military Humvee vehicle to the public. Suddenly, he and many, many others rolled over, deciding that a military-grade vehicle would look good on their driveway around the H1.

At the end of 1999, AM General, the manufacturer of military-grade Humvee and H1, sold the name Hummer to General Motors GM,
Then GM introduced the H2, a more civilized version of the very large, highly polarizing SUV. And in 2010, the Hummer brand went the same way as Dodo and Saturn.

Fast forward to 2020, when GM decided to revive the Hummer nameplate as part of its GMC brand. But this time it will not be a gas-consuming vehicle as big as a studio apartment. Instead, there will be two electric vehicles the size of a studio apartment.

A Hummer EV rolls down the assembly line at a GM plant in Detroit in August.

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The 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV and 2022 Hummer EV pickup arrive at a charging station near you. Here are some of our favorite features.

Watt to freedom

Watts to Freedom is the launch control feature for GMC Hummer EV “supertrucks” (as GM calls them). But the function does more than just power the Hummer EV pickup at 9,046 pounds from 0-60 mph in an impressive 3 seconds with the pickup with trim-motorized variant. When activated, a series of on-screen animations, haptic feedback from the seat and audio signals prepare the driver for the experience while the vehicle lowers 2 inches. Then you’re gone.

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It sounds more like an amusement park than a function, and that’s exactly why we love it and can not wait to experience it for ourselves.

Range over 350 miles

This is the main question that is asked when someone brings up the subject of an EV. For those who want to place the Hummer in their driveway (but probably not their garage, as the matter is huge), they will be happy to know that GM is aiming for a range of 350 miles for the Hummer EV truck. You may have tight city street anxiety in these vehicles, but definitely not range anxiety.

200 kWh battery

Everything about the upcoming Hummer EVs is great, including the battery pack. With a capacity of 200 kWh with GM’s Ultium platform for electric vehicles, Hummer’s batteries exceed those from other car manufacturers. For comparison, the Tesla Model S has a battery pack of 100 kWh. Of course, the huge battery is one of the reasons for the vehicle’s curb weight of 9,046 pounds.

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800-Volt, 350-kilowatt DC fast charging capacity

To keep that 200 kWh battery pack charged, you need to be able to push many electrons into the vehicle as quickly as possible. GM chose an 800-volt architecture that supports a charging speed of 350 kW via a DC fast charger. Other vehicles that come on the market that charge so fast are the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6 and Genesis GV60. All of these vehicles will be degraded by the majesty of the Hummer EV as they all line up to charge much faster than other electric cars.

Super cruise

GM’s hands-free driver assistance system will be available as an option on the Hummer EV. First available in Cadillac luxury cars, the driver assistance system now lands in selected GM vehicles. The system allows drivers to remove their hands from the steering wheel while engaged. The driver must still pay attention to road and traffic and be monitored via a sensor on the steering column.

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In addition, the Super Cruise will only work on highways that have already been mapped to support it. So do not expect to turn it on when driving along a back road. Still, it is one of the best advanced driver assistance systems on the market today, and will soon be available in a giant EV Hummer.


With 18 cameras available on the pickup and 17 on the SUV, UltraVision offers drivers real-time views of the world around and during the Hummer EV. For those who defy the rigorous world of off-road driving, these cameras can replace the spotter that usually prevents the driver from making a serious mistake. Plus if they get dirty there is a washing function and the lens caps are replaceable.


Like its gas-powered predecessor, the Hummer EV has a huge interior with enough cabin space to accommodate three large adults over the back seat. At the front, a 13.4-inch touch screen houses the car’s infotainment center. Below it, there are actual buttons that control the climate, options for driveline and functions such as the heated steering wheel.

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In terms of design, the interior is equipped with what feels like dozens of H-letters. An interesting aspect is the references to the moon. The dead pedal is similar to the footprint on Neil Armstrong’s boot. There is also a map of the Sea of ​​Silence in the speaker grilles and in the center console.

Crab Walk

Although the rear wheel steering is not new or even new at this point, the rear wheel steering’s ability to turn up to 10 degrees results in an impressive feature that can get drivers out of a tight position.

The Hummer’s low-speed Crab Walk option can turn all four wheels diagonally in the same direction. With this feature, drivers can move diagonally to move around a difficult obstacle, whether it’s a giant boulder on a path or a group of shopping carts in the mall’s parking lot.

Infinity tak

With four transparent detachable modular sections, the Hummer is the very large convertible EV off-road car you did not realize you wanted. The roof sections are stored in the large front boot lid, which means the ability to walk outdoors when you are on the go.

Off-road driving

As you would expect from a vehicle that in another life was a military-grade transport vehicle, the Hummer EV retains its off-road DNA. The front differential can be locked. In addition, the rear engines simulate a locking rear differential by turning both rear wheels simultaneously.

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The vehicle also supports the torque vector that controls the force sent to each rear wheel. There is also full underbody protection to protect the underside of the vehicle. Finally, the adaptive air travel system can lift the vehicle half a foot into the extraction position to help drivers rush through water and cross major obstacles.

Power plant generator

Last but not least is the Power Station generator. Just like the Ford F-150, the Hummer EV SUV has the option of being equipped with its own power supply. It enables 19.2 kW AC charging, the ability to charge other electric cars (240v / 25A / 6kW) and generator functions (120v / 25A / 3kW) to connect electronics for the tailgate or camping. Power Station will also be available in the Hummer EV pickup in the future.

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