YouTubers destroy hyper-rare “Holy Grail” Jeep Grand Cherokee

Using a saw grille on a car is very fun. Driving around in a convertible version of a car that only came with a hard top is even more fun. Throwing that car on hope is it funniest. But when that car is one rare manual transmission Jeep Grand Cherokeeit’s hard not to feel a … Read more

Swap my XJ jeep for something modern! Which car should I buy?

Photo: David Tracy Owen has a 1999 Jeep XJ and he wants to upgrade to something a little safer and more modern. But he would still like to keep his Jeeps capable. With a budget of up to $ 40,000, which car should he buy? (Welcome back to Which car should you buy? Where we … Read more

The mythical Chopped Jeep Cherokee XJ is for sale again

One of the best things about Twitter is an account called Bustleton Auto; I’m sure some of you have heard of it. That’s ingenious. Every day it posts degraded, seemingly AI-compiled low-resolution images of cars “for sale” that don’t actually exist, along with makes and models like CZHOTY TROND that I suspect have been borrowed … Read more

Someone agreed to buy my beautiful Jeep Cherokee if I’m going through hell

Picture: David Tracy There are some repair jobs that are so soul-sucking that I can not help but postpone them. In my garage there is one 1991 Jeep Cherokee which I sold to someone on the condition that I replace the rear leaf springs. Why did I agree to this? Because I’m an idiot, that’s … Read more