Demand for GM Hummer EV overwhelms production capacity | Arena

GM says it has stopped taking reservations for its wildly popular and expensive Hummer EV due to limited capacity to build them. Forget inflation, interest rates and a possible recession: people want General Motors’ (GM) – Download the General Motors company report new fully electric Hummer, bad. The problem is GM can’t keep up. The … Read more

At $7,499, is this very basic 2000 Jeep Cherokee a bargain?

If you want to live a life of luxury, today is it Good price or no dice Jeep is not the car for you. If instead you like the idea of ​​cranking your own windows and shifting your own gears, then we have a lot to discuss. That will include this single Cherokee’s price. The … Read more

this famous name seems to have lost its sense of direction

This transition isn’t very polished, and since the petrol engine is quite sluggish, there’s still not much grunt, so you find yourself pushing the accelerator even harder. This spurs the gearbox into a rather sudden downshift, gets the turbo on song and pushes you forward perhaps more acutely than intended. The way the Compass rides … Read more

The fabled Chopped Jeep Cherokee XJ is up for sale again

One of the best things about Twitter is an account called Bustleton Auto; I’m sure some of you have heard of it. It’s genius. Every day it posts degraded, seemingly AI-compiled low-res images of cars “for sale” that don’t actually exist, along with makes and models like the CZHOTY TROND that I suspect are borrowed … Read more

Someone agreed to buy my beautiful Jeep Cherokee if I go through hell

Picture: David Tracy There are some repair jobs so soul-suckingly awful that I can’t help but put them off. There is one in my garage 1991 Jeep Cherokee which I sold to someone on the condition that I change the rear leaf springs. Why did I agree to this? Because I’m an idiot, that’s why. … Read more

Stellantis sentenced for cheating with diesel emissions in jeeps and rams

Picture: Stellantis Toyota’s commercial truck business and Stellantis are under fire for cheating emissions controls like it’s 2015 again, Ferrari’s order books are breaking records, and Renault will follow its heart, with or without its so-called “alliance” partners. All that and more in The morning shift for Tuesday, August 2, 2022. 1st Gear: Officially a … Read more