Biden floor new $ 108,700 electric lobster that can reach 200 MPH

President Biden rode in an electric Hummer vehicle on Wednesday as he toured General Motors ‘Factory ZERO’ electric vehicle assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan. The president, a car enthusiast, drove excitedly himself in the new vehicle and drove around an empty parking lot in the factory. “Does anyone want to jump in the back? On … Read more

Edmunds: 2022 Honda Passport Vs. 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Michigan news

By MILES BRANMAN, Edmunds Upgrading from a compact to a mid-size SUV does not have to include a third row. Small families and empty sheds that want a little more versatility can enjoy a medium-sized crossover’s passenger compartment volume without having to stow or store unused seats. There are several good options to choose from, … Read more

YouTubers destroy hyper-rare “Holy Grail” Jeep Grand Cherokee

Using a saw grille on a car is very fun. Driving around in a convertible version of a car that only came with a hard top is even more fun. Throwing that car on hope is it funniest. But when that car is one rare manual transmission Jeep Grand Cherokeeit’s hard not to feel a … Read more

This hyper-rare 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee “Excursion” at a scrap yard in Detroit deserves to be saved

This rare Jeep Grand Cherokee “Excursion” may be the most 1990s SUV of all time. Based on the already quite “90s” Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ – with its plastic lining and headlights that faded to yellow as soon as they left the factory – Excursion added to the conversion van treatment that was so popular … Read more

Is this 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Pickup a Deal for $ 18,500?

The seller of today’s Good price or no dice Custom Jeep Grand Cherokee pickup says a new owner can remove the decals if it does not suit their taste. I bet most of you did not even notice them first. Let’s see if this surprising custom also surprises in the awards department. It is unfair … Read more

My cheap 300,000 mile Jeep Cherokee kicked in rough terrain but then everything went wrong

Photo: David Tracy / Rory Carrol / Spencer Abbott The Jeep Cherokee XJ will always be the greatest jeep of all time, and my off-road weekend in northern Michigan showed exactly why, even if it ended in serious damage. When people ask me what my favorite car is, I always answer “Jeep Cherokee XJ.” That’s … Read more

Swap my XJ jeep for something modern! Which car should I buy?

Photo: David Tracy Owen has a 1999 Jeep XJ and he wants to upgrade to something a little safer and more modern. But he would still like to keep his Jeeps capable. With a budget of up to $ 40,000, which car should he buy? (Welcome back to Which car should you buy? Where we … Read more

Someone agreed to buy my beautiful Jeep Cherokee if I’m going through hell

Picture: David Tracy There are some repair jobs that are so soul-sucking that I can not help but postpone them. In my garage there is one 1991 Jeep Cherokee which I sold to someone on the condition that I replace the rear leaf springs. Why did I agree to this? Because I’m an idiot, that’s … Read more