Car review: Jeep makes a smooth comeback, not a moment too soon

It’s a pattern that seems to repeat itself with rare exceptions. A foreign car manufacturer lands in India to start production here. It launches a car that takes the market by storm. In due course, it cannot gather an even drumbeat of equally good products. Five years ago, when the Chrysler company (now part of … Read more

Jeep Meridian Review – The Hindu BusinessLine

The SUV for the extended family has become a staple in many brands’ portfolios. The 3-row, 6-7-seater SUV is now in such high demand that many automakers can’t make enough, and long wait times are common. The news that Jeep is entering this category and that the 3-row version of the Compass will hit the … Read more

2022 Jeep Meridian review, first drive – more than a three-line compass?

Jeep for most of its young innings in India has been perceived as a single car brand. The Compass was and continues to be a great ambassador for the SUV maker, and when the Wrangler came in, it ignited ambition even if it reached few wallets. But in a nation where ambitions change at the … Read more