Kim Kardashian to Harrison Ford

Jeeps are known for their off-road capabilities. Being SUVs and having an old fashioned design, they demand a lot of attention on the road. Their first civilian product was produced in 1945. Since then they have had many SUVs for sale. Nowadays they sell models like Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, Compass, Wrangler etc. Now … Read more

The Jeep Grand Cherokee will be assembled locally when launched in India in the second half of 2022

The Jeep Grand Cherokee was showcased last year in the US and Jeep has now confirmed that the Grand Cherokee will come to India in the second half of 2022. Not only that, but Jeep has also confirmed that the Grand Cherokee will be assembled locally in India. The Jeep Grand Cherokee in the US … Read more

Jeep Commander

Picture: Jeep Over the years, Jeep has made a few attempts at a full-size offering, something that could take on the Chevy Suburbans and Ford Expeditions of the world. While Jeep’s original Grand Wagoneer attempt remained fairly successful for nearly 30 years, Jeep’s second stab at a viable competitor wasn’t as big or noteworthy. That … Read more

Jeep Cherokee could end with Stellanti’s Belvidere plant closing

Photo: Jeep In the third quarter of this year, Jeep Cherokee sales is down a whopping 61 percent year-to-date compared to last year, with just 30,852 sold in the first nine months of 2022, according to Stellantis. Which is the context for an announcement Friday that Stellantis will idle the plant that makes Cherokees in … Read more

The fabled Chopped Jeep Cherokee XJ is up for sale again

One of the best things about Twitter is an account called Bustleton Auto; I’m sure some of you have heard of it. It’s genius. Every day it posts degraded, seemingly AI-compiled low-res images of cars “for sale” that don’t actually exist, along with makes and models like the CZHOTY TROND that I suspect are borrowed … Read more

Someone agreed to buy my beautiful Jeep Cherokee if I go through hell

Picture: David Tracy There are some repair jobs so soul-suckingly awful that I can’t help but put them off. There is one in my garage 1991 Jeep Cherokee which I sold to someone on the condition that I change the rear leaf springs. Why did I agree to this? Because I’m an idiot, that’s why. … Read more

Trade my XJ Jeep for something modern! Which car should I buy?

Photo: David Tracy Owen has a 1999 Jeep XJ and he wants to upgrade to something a little safer and more modern. But he’d still like to keep his Jeep’s capability. With a budget of up to $40,000, which car should he buy? (Welcome back to Which car should you buy?? Where we give real … Read more

At $7,499, is this very basic 2000 Jeep Cherokee a bargain?

If you want to live a life of luxury, today is it Good price or no dice Jeep is not the car for you. If instead you like the idea of ​​cranking your own windows and shifting your own gears, then we have a lot to discuss. That will include this single Cherokee’s price. The … Read more

The Jeep Grand Cherokee L is the American luxury road trip machine

Photo: Andy Kalmowitz There are few things in this world better (and more American) than a road trip with your good friends. I’m sure all of you – as car people – can at least somewhat agree with that opinion. I’m here to tell you that there are few vehicles that handle a road trip … Read more

Test Drive 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L: A Grand Display | Car

The Jeep brand is on quite a roll lately. I have already driven and reviewed the outstanding Jeep Grand Wagoneer. I hailed that full-size SUV as one of the best vehicles in recent years. The Grand Cherokee L comes in a step up in both quality and size. The L part is what makes the … Read more