Review: Faceoff of the three-wheeled crossover SUVs: GMC Acadia costs less, but Honda Pilot provides more space, capacity

Honda Pilot Trailsport and GMC Acadia AT4.Jeremy Sinek / The Globe and Mail Here we have two stereotypical three-wheel drive crossover SUVs, albeit both a little smaller on the outside than most of their mid-size mates. Their designs have been around for a while, but both have recently added new levels of equipment, called the … Read more

For $ 8,950, is this 1995 GMC Sierra 3500 Pickup a bargain?

Like a former state truck, today Good price or no dice GMC is set to be pretty no-nonsense. Let’s see if there are any glimmers to be found with its price. While BMW has applied the venerable M brand across almost the entire rangeeven if you go so far as to extend the performance identifier … Read more

Biggest Suckers On Bring A Trailer

Photo: Bring a trailer In the good old days, Bring A Trailer was an email list with cool project cars for sale. Then it became an auction site for cool and unique vehicles, and then one Prime Minister auction site with only the best, hand-picked listings. Now it seems to be entering a new phase … Read more