Jeep Commander

Picture: Jeep Over the years, Jeep has made some attempts at a full-size offer, something that could take on the world’s Chevy Suburban and Ford Expeditions. While Jeep’s original Grand Wagoneer trials remained fairly successful for almost 30 years, Jeep’s second blow to a viable competitor was not as great or remarkable. That attempt was … Read more

For $ 15,500, is this 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer a bargain? ‘

One side of today Good price or no dice The Grand Wagoneer looks pretty decent, while the other side has one age patina that masks a couple of decent sized dents. Let’s see if it overall it’s worth putting a dent in your wallet. To see the Buick 231 sitting under the hood on yesterday’s … Read more

For $ 9,900, is this 1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer a great bargain?

The color combination of metallic green color and warm wood fiber panels are just the beginning of today’s attractions Good price or no dice Jeep. Let’s see if the list of pluses also includes its price tag. While it can sometimes be true that “too much is never enough”, it is more often than not … Read more

For $ 13,750, is this 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer a great bargain?

The seller of today’s Good price or no dice Grand Wagoneer calls it “unolested” in the ad, and it does act to be completely original, all the way down to the factory color. Let’s see if its price tag is as original or if it feel old hat. First recording of the song Time is … Read more