GM is working to ensure that its new Hummer EV avoids battery defects

A 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV caught fire in a home in Cherokee County, Georgia on September 13, 2021, according to the local fire department. Cherokee County Fire Department DETROIT – As General Motors struggles to repair defects that caused fires in at least 13 Chevrolet Bolt electric cars, the automaker is working aggressively to ensure … Read more

How electric pickups stand up to price, range

SAN ANTONIO – Ford Motor’s new F-150 Lightning is an electric pickup. It may seem obvious considering that it looks like a truck and has electric motors and a battery pack instead of a motor, but it has to be said. Why? Because a successful battery-powered pickup is a critical step in the EV transition, … Read more

Arizona Supreme Court: Jeep can be sued for girl’s death Arizona News

By BOB CHRISTIE, Associated Press PHOENIX (AP) – The family of a little girl who was killed when her mother’s car was driven from behind by a jeep on a highway from Phoenix can sue the SUV manufacturer for unlawful death because it did not install automatic emergency braking devices that were available as optional … Read more