REAL ESTATE | Russ Darrow is proposing a new Jeep Dodge dealership in West Bend, WI

July 29, 2022 – West Bend, WI – It was March 2017 when Russ Darrow broke ground on his new Nissan dealership on Highway 33 in West Bend, WI.

The property east of Darrow’s lot was also open for development. That parcel was previously focused on the construction of a new Pizza Ranch. Those plans later changed when Pizza Ranch entered into a deal further east on Highway 33.

The new Nissan dealership was classified at the time as “phase 1 of the process.”

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Now comes word that Darrow plans to build a 24,406-square-foot Jeep, Dodge dealership just east of the Nissan dealership, at 2665 W. Washington Street. This is the second phase of the possible three-phase development for this site and future extensions to the east.

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Below is the design that will go before the West Bend Plan Commission at its August 2, 2022 meeting.



· The property is zoned in the B-4 General Commercial and Warehousing District.

· The building height, lot coverage and open space conform to the existing B-4 zoning requirements.

· A walled screened waste area matching the building’s facade color is located in the southeast corner of the site.

· No provision for a screened storage yard has been proposed and the Municipal Code prohibits the storage of unserviceable vehicles without an outdoor storage facility approval by the Planning Commission.

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· Access to the site will be from the existing driveway on Valley Avenue and from two existing driveway connections to W. Washington Street. The easternmost driveway on W. Washington Street is at a median break for left turns out of the site.

· The Plan Set identifies changes to the median in accordance with an abbreviated Traffic Impact Analysis to accommodate the increase in traffic. A full Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) will need to be completed and submitted to the City Engineer for review and approval. If the TIA identifies additional necessary improvements, the plan set will need to be revised with those improvements before a building permit is issued.

· 91 standard parking spaces and four barrier-free parking spaces are provided. The area plan also identifies parking spaces for vehicle display. Adequate parking is provided for car sales and service use.

Lateral ServiceUtilities:

· A 6” drain side will be installed from the 6” sanitary drain that is on site.

· 6” water lateral will be installed from main within W. Washington Street.

GradingStorm Water Management:

· A stormwater management plan was approved for the previous site plan which considered this future development. An amendment to the Stormwater Management Plan must be submitted and approved by the Engineering Department. Approval of the change to the stormwater management plan is required before a building permit is issued.

· The lot grades have been designed to drain the site to various catch basins and then lead to the stormwater pond located in the southwest corner of the site.

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· Two additional ground signs are identified on the site plan. One ground sign will be placed on the west side of the easternmost driveway and is proposed as a Dodge, Chrysler, Ram pylon sign and the other on the east side of the driveway for a Jeep “totem” sign. The site has two existing ground signs for the Nissan dealership. In accordance with city planning standards, two ground signs are permitted. In order for the two additional ground signs to occur, the Planning Commission would need to grant an Urban Design Standard exemption. The developer requests such an exception. The developer requests this consideration to try to separate the various brands represented. If the Planning Commission were to grant the exception, staff would recommend that the Pylon Dodge, Chrysler, Ram sign be revised as a monument sign that complies with code requirements. Both ground signs would have to meet current design requirements in terms of size, height and location.

· Wall signs for the individual tenant brands and the service center have been identified on the architectural building elevations. All tenant wall signs meet sign code size and placement requirements.

Landscaping and site lighting:

· Adequate grounds, parking space and perimeter plantings are provided.

· Twenty 23′ tall LED light poles are proposed across the site to provide site lighting. The staff think the location lighting is acceptable.

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Architectural building heights:

· The building materials consist of glass panels and aluminum composite metal (ACM) panels on the north side of the building. The western part (DodgeRam) will be Alpolic Silver Metallic and the eastern part (Jeep) will be Alpolic Anthracite Grey. The west side of the building will have the same ACM colored paneling on the north third of the wall as the front elevation. The remaining two thirds of that wall will be painted a “Black Magic” color and the building materials will be a painted block band on the lower part of the wall and the remaining upper part of the wall will be EIFS painted in the same color. The painted black wall does not meet Urban Design’s color restrictions and the staff recommends changing the color of the building from black to another color to meet the design requirements. The east side of the building will have the same ACM colored panels on the north third of the wall matching that part of the north wall. The remaining two thirds of that wall will be painted a “Cityscape” (light gray) color and the building materials will be block painted on the lower part of the wall and the remaining upper part of the wall will be painted the same color. The south wall will be painted block and EIFS to match the colors of the east and west walls.

· The architectural building heights and color rendering are not consistent. The two plans will need to be revised to conform to the architectural building elevations for the building materials including the provision of the masonry bond.

Corrections related to staff review comments to the site plan are needed before a building permit is issued.

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Recommend approval of the site plan subject to the following conditions:

1. Submission and approval of an erosion protection plan prior to any soil-disturbing activities and prior to the issuance of a building permit.

2. Provision of a landscape bid and adequate surety bond prior to the issuance of a building permit.

3. Submission and approval of an amendment to the stormwater management plan prior to the issuance of a building permit.

4. Submission to and approval by the City Engineer of a traffic impact analysis for improvements on W. Washington Street.

5. Revision of the site plan to address staff review comments before a building permit is issued.

6. The black colored building surface shall be changed to another color to comply with the Urban Design Standards.

7. City approval of a developer agreement for the site plan and public improvements required by the approved traffic impact assessment.

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