Next level 6×6 review: huge six-wheeled Jeep Gladiator-powered reviews 2022

Holy moly, what is this?

It’s Next Level Jeep Gladiator 6×6, and it’s a big boy. Although you can buy it through a select group of authorized dealers in the United States, it is not an official Jeep product. Rather, it is a company that works from the same office as Rezvani, which gives it an immediate “adult Tonka toy” from offset.

So what’s included?

In fact, it’s not much more complicated than just taking a Jeep Gladiator pickup, stretching it, and shooting an extra axle in the middle. But you will be happy to learn that the extra shaft is fully functional; in normal, everyday use, this is a four-wheel drive vehicle, with a power distribution of 50:50 between the rear axles. The front wheels are only used when you put your Next Level in its heavier off-road positions. Then 47 percent of the power goes forward, with the remaining 53 distributed evenly between the four rear wheels.

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Needless to say, that’s it Extensive. At 6,223 mm, it is not only significantly longer than a base Gladiator (5,537 mm) but also the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 (5,875 mm). Its wheelbase is 4.5 meters thick while the weight is also upwards, from standard Gladiators 2.1 tons to 2.5. Fortunately, more practicality comes with its growth – the cargo bed is almost half a meter longer, at 2,134 mm, with a concomitant increase in volume (1,005 to 1,396 liters). You can apparently fit a double mattress there.

How much power are we talking about?

It depends on how extravagant you feel when it comes to sitting down with a delicious coffee in Next Level’s office and going through the configurator on its huge TV. At the base level – which we have right here – there is a 3.6-liter V6 petrol engine with 285 hp and 260 lb ft of torque. It starts at $ 142,000, which is equivalent to about £ 110,000, and more than three times the cost of a regular Gladiator quad bike, albeit one in its most economical spec.

An additional $ 5,000 gives you a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel with 375 hp and 470 lb ft, which should be the case if you actually intend to use your 6×6 for utilitarian efforts such as towing. But if you really buy into this OTT nature of this thing, you want one of the other petrol options – all V8s.

For $ 45,000, you can have a 6.4-liter SRT engine of 500 hp, while $ 70,000 gives you the iconic Hellcat box engine, which produces a 707 hp supercharged 6.2-liter V8. Still not got your really quite needy taste measured? Then you have to almost double the price of your car before clicking on the box for the $ 95,000 option that is enticing next to the Dodge Demon V8 of 1,000 hp.

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They are all connected to either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission, at no cost. If you still find your wallet a little too greasy, you could waste another $ 1,750 on a “deep, sporty exhaust system.” Their words.

But you’re slow …

Well, “slow” is a relative term. It’s 285 hard-working horsepower, sure – this is not a small or light vehicle, but it’s not very dynamically sharp either, as its shape and size certainly should have suggested. So even if acceleration going forward is not outrageous, you would not want that to be the case, as it only gives you significantly more speed to scrub off when the curves come.

Do not assume that its extra length is a total pain in the buttocks in everyday life. In its normal driving position – with power only on the rear axles and thus the front wheels that simply handle changes of direction – the steering is fairly quick and simple and low-speed maneuvers make a mockery of the size XXXL. Although it’s worth keeping an eye on the mirrors as you meander through the traffic, just to be safe. A Wrangler or Gladiator are hardly supercars to drive in the first place, so the next level driving experience is not a dramatic step in any direction. Until the camera phones come out and you slow down your progress to appease them – or speed up your pace to avoid them.

How does it ride?

As standard, you get the Fox damper with a 4-inch lifting kit, on which it feels as tense as its base car, really. These can be upgraded through two levels of remote reservoir dampers for real terrain adventures. However, host Michael Porter acknowledges that this is a car that is more likely to cross the shopping streets of Beverly Hills than to climb the mountainous terrain of Moab, and most customers will retain their options for aesthetic accessories or color swatches.

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“No one really takes these off road,” he says. “It might see a gravel path every now and then.” And the same thinking applies to its newly bulky cargo hold at the rear. “It’s mostly about shows,” says Michael, “I have not seen a picture of the bed used yet.”

So what other options can I have?

Oh, lots of things. This can be a $ 300,000 car with frightening ease if your eyes jump at the sight of its light bar, snorkel and auto-protruding side steps, or if you want some nice leather or a noisy stereo inside. The idea – as is so often the case in this part of the market – is that no two are alike, so if you do not get the chance to get next to another Next Level at the lights, you will not feel inadequate. Suddenly that Demon engine looks appealing again, huh?

Michael promises that more will come too. “We think this is a fantastic platform to continue working on; we do not want to switch to a Silverado or anything. Jeep buyers love jeeps, and we really only want to give jeep buyers a better option if they do not want a Hennessey Goliath or similar. ” Yes, go over to the other side of the showroom and Rezvani offers its own Jeep-based 6×6, Hercules. Fuel prices can skyrocket, but just try to tell buyers in this corner of the market …

Photography: Jonny Fleetwood

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