New Wagoneer, a proprietary brand, starts at $ 57,995

Jeep has created its own premium brand for 2022, which revives the name of a long-revered large jeep sports equipment known as the Wagoneer.

But you will not find the “Jeep” name on it anywhere, because in much the same way that Toyota created the Lexus, Jeep has created the new Wagoneer series as its own, separate luxury name plate.

It’s not quite the same as the former Chrysler Corps separation of the Ram pickup line from Dodge about 10 years ago, but you see. Rams are no longer considered Dodge vehicles, and these new Wagoneers are not officially considered jeeps.

Wagoneer was for a long time a staple in the Jeep range, which was originally introduced in 1962 as a full-size Jeep station wagon. It was a new name for the Willys Jeep station wagon that had been in production since shortly after World War II.

It was essentially the first full-size commercial utility vehicle, or SUV, although that designation for this genre of vehicle did not appear until the 1990s.

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