More incidents of brand new jeeps breaking down

A couple of days ago we reported on a brand new Jeep Compass that broke down twice within a week of delivery. Now some more owners of Jeep SUVs have contacted us with similar problems and below are their experiences –

Another owner of a brand new Jeep Compass got in touch with us and this is what he had to say.

Jeep compass damaged tube

Keshav Khurana, Owner of Jeep Compass Petrol AT writes –

I bought this Jeep Compass Model S Petrol Automatic (Top Model) on 13 May 2022 and paid 30.74 Lakhs. And this incident happened only at 1276 mileage on July 17 late evening hours of the day.

I was driving down from Panipat to Delhi and came across this pathetic situation near Sonepat only in Haryana. We started at 10:00 PM so that we can reach home (Delhi) in good time so that the kids can go to school in the morning.

Unfortunately this breakdown had kept us engaged for hours together to make a request and tow the car to a petrol station and I was able to arrange an alternative vehicle at our expense to reach home at 4am.

My both kids (daughters) and wife are really scared now to ride in this car and pressure me to get rid of the car and go back to Hyundai brand (my last car Hyundai Creta) because it has never created such a scene ever.

I am not sure why Jeep India is not actively working on such issues and taking a call to avoid such harassment of existing and potential customers. It’s quite disappointing.

Email to service center –

My car Jeep Compass Model S Petrol Automatic DL10CRXXXX May 2022 Chassis No. MCANJPEHONXXXXX*4N had problems with paddle brake and parking brake while returning from Panipat to Delhi. It was towed to Sahil Jeep, Sonepat (Haryana).

Please have it repaired under warranty on priority. I am really disappointed with such a breakdown in a new car.

Please do the needful with highest priority.

Best Customer Service Team,

I was told that the breaker oil pipe was found wrapped near the shock pipe and it was damaged. It is a manufacturing defect.

Unfortunately I have also been charged for the total cost of pipe and oil without our fault because your service center claimed the pipe has wear and is not covered under warranty,

This is a new car bought since 2 months back and the mileage is 1277 KM model May 2022. The pipe found damaged is marked as 10/2021?? There was no other fault or any kind of accident or chafing, except that this pipe was found to be leaking. I am completely disappointed.

First, because of this race in the middle of the road at midnight on the highway. This has lost my confidence and trust in the Jeep brand.

My family who were with me became totally unhappy and felt unsafe under these circumstances. Never expected from a brand like Jeep.

Second, I had to suffer for 3 days without a spare car and then I had to pay for parts and oil as well. Because of all these events, I regret my decision to buy the Jeep Compass. It is completely unreliable call. “

Jeep Compass Petrol breakdown

Mohan Singh, Owner of Jeep Compass writes –

“I wanted to share an unusual problem with my brand new Jeep Compass Sport Gasoline Manual (I am attaching all documents, invoices, etc). The car is less than 30 days old and I am listing the problems that occur within a week of delivery.

1 week after purchase (June 2 week):

My screen (entertainment device) stopped working and it wouldn’t turn on. So I called Mr. Rohit – Sales Manager WSL Automobile Pvt Ltd. He told me to go to service center which I do. I don’t know what exactly they did but solved the problem just for this time.

2nd and 3rd week of June (the day after the above incident):

On the way back from work the Jeep suddenly stalled and the service stop/start system warning light and engine light came on. This was in the middle of traffic. The car stops completely, luckily I was able to start the car again and continue with the journey home.

June 28, 2022:

While commuting within the city, the same problem appears. Along with the service stop/start system warning light, other warning lights come on including:

  • – The main engine light is on
  • – Immobilizer failure / VPS electrical alarm indicator
  • – Light
  • – Fuel shutoff warning light
  • – Wiper starts automatically with a slug movement.
  • – Rattling sound from the engine.
  • – Entertainment screen off

All the lights are blown in the car’s dashboard. The car refused to start and experienced a total loss of power. There was no power from the car even to roll up the windows. Eventually, after several tries, the battery came on at half ignition and I was able to roll up the windows.

The worst part was the Jeep experience. Although with a small child (under 2 years old) I faced a harrowing time. Despite several calls and escalations, they continued to give one excuse after another. And they again said that the problem is fixed and the car is delivering to my address.

But again the check engine light and start/stop service light problem is still there. May be when they said fixed it didn’t show up at the end, but when I went back home the warning pops up again. I again called Rohit and he suggested the service center and said this time the problem will be fixed completely.

Now for the last 1 week my brand new car has been at the service center they are diagnosing the problem and checking everything. My brand new car is completely open from the dash and I don’t know if they open the engine as well. They finally told me about the problem with some kind of wiring and it will take 10-15 days to fix my car.

The only positive part right now I have that Mr. Rohit will provide me with their company demo car while my car is in the service center. But I can’t afford 30k per month EMI to drive a used Jeep 2019 model.

Jeep Meridian towing

Rahul Ajmera, Owner of Jeep Meridian writes –

Email Landmark Jeep:

-Start of email-


This is in reference to my new Jeep Meridian (MH12UJXXXX), which was delivered to me from Landmark Thane Showroom on 13/07/2022 afternoon.

After driving it from your Thane Showroom to my residence in Pune, in less than 20 minutes of driving, the front display showed the message “Dynamic Steering Torque Service required” (photo attached). Driving in the heavy rains of Mumbai (IMD had issued a red alert), I couldn’t seriously note it and planned to show it to the workshop in Pune later.

The next day, 14/07/2022, when I drove the vehicle to my office, after 30 minutes of driving, the vehicle started losing control and the front display started showing several errors like Speed ​​Limiter Off, Driver Seatbelt Unbuckled, Service Servo, Service Hillholder, etc .(Video attached) When I just got to my office the car shut off in the middle of the road and locked the gears. After trying several times we were able to get the gears to work in neutral and manually push the car to the side of the road.

I was in contact with Mr. Liyaquat, who helped arrange roadside assistance at 11:30am. I was informed by RSA that the car would be towed to the Jeep workshop in Akurdi Pune at 3pm. When this email was written at 8pm, the car had still not been picked up. The RSA call center told me that the updated expected time for collection is after 10pm.

Is this the kind of experience one should go through after spending over Rs. 40 lakhs on a vehicle? Does your PDI miss that such big problems occur in the first unit itself?

I will be documenting this entire experience and sharing it online, so I expect full cooperation and openness from you so that other buyers do not go through the same experience. Please coordinate with the Jeep workshop in Pune and let me know by 2pm tomorrow what could have gone wrong in this new vehicle to cause this sudden breakdown. If this had happened on the highway yesterday, it could have resulted in a fatal accident. Please look into this sincerely as it is a serious matter that could have legal consequences in the worst case scenario.

-End of email-

Jeep Meridian Error

What did the service center say?

Despite being at Pune Workshop for 2 days they still haven’t figured out what is causing the errors. Their computer scan hasn’t shown any issues, so they assume it could be a manufacturing defect due to a wiring issue. They said they can’t give an official response via email without confirming the issue with the production team (who are on holiday Saturday and Sunday) so they will get back to me with another update on Monday July 18th.

Other points:

1. I commute more than 50 km every day to my workplace, therefore I bought Meridian for comfort. Without a vehicle, I am very inconvenienced. Pune Workshop said they don’t have any spare vehicles to give me and Landmark Thane said they don’t have confirmation from higher management if they can compensate me with Ola/Uber Taxi fare. So, they basically threw me under the bus here.

2. I understand that 90% of car owners have no problems, but the horror stories of the other 10% have scared me to bits. Money doesn’t grow on trees, I will pay over Rs. 50 lakhs (including EMI interest charges) for this vehicle and I am scared to drive a manufacturing defect vehicle, with my wife and 3 year old kids. There must be a practical way for Jeep India to make this situation right. It’s bad if Jeep finds a major fault in the car, but it’s worse if they’ve spent 2 days and still can’t find the fault. That speaks volumes for their quality control and PDI. Who knows? Maybe the Meridian needs to be recalled?

3. RSA took 12 hours to tow the car from Pune City itself, imagine the plight of someone stuck outside the city limits. It’s ridiculous, you don’t expect such service after paying premium prices.”

Our thoughts – Jeep is a global brand with premium products but such experiences really affect the customer experience. What the brand should ideally do is fix the problems (if minor) ASAP, but if a vehicle is known to have a manufacturing defect, the automaker should look at the possibility of replacing the vehicle entirely. We are confident that the automaker will resolve all these issues quickly to the satisfaction of its customers.

Jeep Meridian breakdown

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