McLaren’s new F1 car, 2022 Jeep Compass 4xe-driven, and Tesla will pay zero federal taxes: Your morning card

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Elon Musk has a $ 11 billion tax bill, but Tesla will pay exactly $ 0 in federal taxes despite record profits

Tesla will not pay any federal taxes for 2021 while CEO Elon Musk received a massive tax bill. This is despite the fact that 2021 was a record year for the electric car manufacturer. This is because Tesla has reported an operating loss for its US part of the business, while profits have come from abroad.

2022 McLaren MCL36 frames with bold new color, Team also reveals challengers for Indycar and Extreme E

McLaren has gone all-out for 2022 and reveals its Formula 1, Indycar and Extreme E challengers in the same coverage. Their F1 car, MCL36, has a bold new color, with Papaya Orange complemented by blue and black. Their IndyCar and Extreme E-cars follow, with Pato O’Ward and Felix Rosenqvis taking responsibility for the former and Tanner Foust and Emma Gilmour driving the all-electric off-road vehicle.

2022 Super Bowl Car Commercial Roundup: See every ad from the big game and tell us your favorite

Now that the 2022 Super Bowl is ready and dusted, we have compiled every car commercial to play under one of the most coveted (and expensive) ad segments in the world. Which was your favorite? The modernized version of the Sopranos, with the new Silverado? Porches connects with the new Top Gun: Maverick Film? Or BMW invites Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek to play Zeus and Hera?

Apple’s patented sunroof for cars provides another piece of the puzzle

A new sunroof patent filed by Apple may indicate that progress on the highly acclaimed Apple Car is underway. The archive contains an electrochromic element that can be a first for an openable sunroof. The patent also mentions the sunroof that slides in sequence with windows and doors.

2022 Nissan Patrol ever so slightly updated in Australia after sales jump last year

The Y62 Nissan Patrol has been subtly updated for the 2022 model for Australian customers. This comes after an increase in sales last year, where Patrol recorded its best sales ever since 2008. External changes are limited to Nissan’s updated brand emblems and fine-tuned front fender valves.

Driven: 2022 Jeep Compass 4Xe PHEV adds value to an already well-rounded SUV

We got behind the wheel of the 2022 Jeep Compass 4Xe, a plug-in hybrid version of the compact SUV which, together with the smaller Renegade, is the first in a new line of electrified off-road vehicles for the brand. The compass has a rear-mounted electric motor, with the driveline including locks and low functions. These, combined with Jeep’s Selec-Terrain settings, helped in challenging situations, but the car remains focused on the road thanks to a set of clear wall-mounted tires.

Where did it come from? A column suddenly appears in front of a BMW M3

We will go out on a limb here and suggest that manufacturers have not designed their advanced performance offerings with parking spaces in mind. So maybe if you sit behind the wheel of an F80 M3 you should not be too gas-happy – as the video above proves, the result can be a bit embarrassing.

What else does the news do

Netflix will remove all Marvel shows in March

Netflix users who want to catch up with Marvel’s TV series adaptations will not have long to do so, with TV shows being removed from the streaming service on February 28. The list of shows includes Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Punisher and The Defender.

Binance buys $ 200 million from Forbes

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, will invest $ 200 million in a stake in Forbes. According to BBC, Forbes said the deal will make it a leader in providing digital asset information. However, some analysts have warned of a potential conflict of interest with the agreement.

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