Lack of microchips is stopping production, but not at Jeep’s new Detroit plant

Detroit – Stellantis NV extends downtime at some of its factories, but the newest in Detroit is the three-wheel drive Jeep Grand Cherokee L.

Mack Assembly Plant is the first new car assembly plant in the city in 30 years. The brightly lit 3 million square foot factory began production in March and operates three shifts five days a week with approximately 4,900 people, including 2,100 new Detroiters.

“Some of them had not seen parts before. These guys worked so well with me,” said Jack Fox Jr., a mechanical engineer in charge of the tools used to install the chassis and driveline. “I’ve worked everywhere – St. Louis, Belvidere – this is a great workforce here.”

Giving Detroiters the first chance at a job at the new plant was part of the transatlantic carmaker’s agreement on community benefits to build the $ 1.6 billion facility next to the North Jefferson Assembly Plant, home to the two-row Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUV: ar, on the east side of Detroit.

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