Jeep sees itself as a premium brand that is becoming even more premium

2022 Jeep Wagoneer Exterior Front Quarter

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2022 Jeep Wagoneer Exterior Front Quarter

It’s all about the experience.

It seems that more and more car manufacturers are driving their brands in the market. There are Mini, Mazda and now Jeep who want to reposition their brands as a premium option. For Jeep, this means moving the brand from being premium to even more premium.

That’s what Bill Hayes, Stellanti’s senior VP of sales, marketing and regional operations in India and Asia Pacific, said. Jeep is already making similar moves in the US by introducing new Wagoneer, which came without a traditional Jeep brand. This was designed because Jeep wanted it and Grand Wagoneer to occupy a new premium space for the brand.

In Australia, entry-level trimming is believed to be abolished, making the nearly $ 40,000 AUD ($ 29,000, at current exchange rates) compass the entry-level model. Jeep Australia shut down Renegade 2020 there. The company also improves the reseller experience for customers there, makes it more inviting and improves the resellers’ online presence. Hayes told the publication that the brand has had a “great focus on customer experience.”

Jeep has had a similar success in the United States in recent years, with the brand striving for independent Jeep dealers or dedicated Jeep showrooms. As recently as this month, the brand continued to push for retailers to build standalone showrooms, which draw in customers.

Make movements:

Like the rest of the industry, Jeep is charting a course towards electrification, and this upheaval is pushing brands into new premium and luxury spaces. The transition is not cheap, and with customers continuing to buy crossovers and SUVs, it makes sense to push these prices and dealer experiences upwards. The new Wagoneer will be a hybrid 2025, and the V8 is no longer for the brand’s performance models.

No one knows what the future holds, but the industry is changing rapidly. Jeep tries to adapt when customers flock to its vehicles, but they may not be loyal to Jeep either. Improving the customer experience is a way to build that relationship.

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