Jeep electric scooter unveiled for off-road driving, but don’t get too excited

Jeep has a new electric scooter known as the “Razor Jeep RX200” coming soon, expanding the brand’s presence on two wheels. But just like with Jeep’s electric bike project, it didn’t work alone. This time, the automaker teamed up with Razor to create Jeep’s first electric scooter model.

The partnership and resulting electric scooter was announced just this morning, with the mashup resulting in the “Razor Jeep RX200.”

The duo claims the scooter has the “style and feel of a Jeep Wrangler,” though we’ll leave that up to you to decide. Any way you slice it, the scooter definitely comes ahead of any potential electric Wranglers we might see in the future.

The electric scooter rides on 8-inch pneumatic tires and comes in an olive green color scheme that harkens back to the World War II Willys Jeep.

The color comes from a powder coated steel frame as opposed to a traditional painted frame.

The handlebars of the 39.5 lb (18 kg) electric scooter are adjustable and sporty rubber grips with twist throttle.

Jeep says the scooter “was made to tear through the rough terrain,” but it doesn’t look like it will do so at terribly high speeds.

The top speed is estimated at just 19 km/h, which is less than most of the currently available ATVs on the market today.

The scooter’s price tag of just $499 may be its saving grace. Rider’s won’t get there fast, but they sure will do it cheap!

The slow speed is likely due to the underpowered 200 watt motor that uses a chain to drive the rear wheel. It’s a design we’ve seen on Razor’s smaller electric scooters in the past and it looks like they’re sticking to their guns on the powertrain.

There’s no suspension to speak of, but you do get some track-like dual headlights. Braking takes place via a disc brake on the rear wheel.

The scooter seems to be designed for a good time, not a long time. The 40 minute ride time is limited by the 24V 7Ah lead acid battery pack. With only a 168 Wh battery from fairly old lead-acid technology, the scooter is not intended for long winding cruises or all-day hikes on mountain roads. Instead, it is probably best used as a recreational scooter for shorter excursions and joy rides.

Razor says the scooter is designed for adult riders aged 18 and up, although the weight limit of just 154lb (70kg) means there will be a somewhat narrow window of adults who fit the rider window.

While there is a lot of Jeep branding on the scooter, the DNA seems to be largely Razor.

As Razor Scooters President Jim Wagner explained:

“Razor is always looking for creative ways to excite our riders and provide an exciting adventure. We are excited to partner with the iconic Jeep brand to create the Razor Jeep RX200, powerful enough for off-road capability to explore the outdoors.”

I’m not entirely sure what differentiates the “Razor Jeep RX200” from Razor’s existing RX200 scooter which appears to have the same specs but is priced at $318 on Amazon right now. Apart from the Jeep decals and twin headlights, not much else seems to be missing.

Compared to the last electric two-wheeler we saw Jeep partner on, the Jeep scooter is a fairly low-powered offering.

The QuietKat collaboration resulted in a high-powered, high-speed electric mountain bike that was probably closer to Jeep Wrangler territory, although you could buy 10 of these electric scooters for the price of a Jeep e-bike.

Electrek’s Take

It’s great to see Jeep expanding its electric bike and scooter presence, but this doesn’t seem like the thrill ride I thought it would be.

Maybe the power class is underspecified and maybe it feels quite powerful in real life. Without having tested it, it is difficult for me to attest to the off-road performance of the scooter.

But based on the spec sheet, I wonder how well this thing can perform on real trails.

But who knows, maybe it’s a Jeep thing?

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