Jeep Easter Safari 2022: All the most important concept cars

Jeep has a successor that most car brands could only dream of. In fact, it has such a loyal following that every year about 50,000 owners travel to Moab, Utah, for what is called the Easter Jeep Safari. This year it is held between 9 and 17 April.

The American 4 × 4 company has been set up by fans, rather than by Jeep itself, and in recent years the American 4 × 4 company has fully participated in the event and every year shows a number of concept cars to ignite further passion for brand products.

Some are just a designer’s imagination that has gone wild, while others are closer to what you can see in the production. For 2022, Jeep has revealed the most concepts so far, with many of the models having a special focus on electrification. Let’s take a look at the strange and wonderful concepts from this year’s Easter safari …

Jeep concept
Jeep Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept

At last year’s Easter safari, Jeep showed off an all-electric version of the Wrangle – called the Magneto Concept – and although the company said it originally came up with the idea for “entertainment”, a production version looks increasingly reasonable. For 2022, Jeep has shown off a second volume, which boasts significantly more performance, with power rising from 281bhp to 616bhp, and torque growing from 370Nm to a whopping 1150Nm. Although the company has not been able to fully test it, Magneto’s designers say that a 0-60 mph time of less than three seconds should be possible. Interestingly, it also uses a six-speed manual transmission to control the electric motor, while Jeep has expanded the wheelbase of the two-door Wrangler by 12 inches to squeeze the driveline.

Other styling changes include custom, lightweight bumpers, carbon fiber rims and Surf Blue paint.

Jeep concept
Jeep Rubicon 20th Anniversary Concept

On the standard Wrangler you can go into a Jeep showroom and buy, it is Rubicon which is the most extreme version – with a series of adjustments to make it even more capable in the terrain. And as it was 20 years ago since the original Wrangler Rubicon was launched, Jeep is celebrating with a new anniversary concept. Based on the “392” version (not sold in the UK), it uses a huge 6.4-liter V8 engine and comes with a dual-mode performance exhaust system, custom-built half-doors and a matte gray vinyl foil that contrasts. with gold drawbar hook and emblem.

A lifting kit is also fitted to raise the ride height further, while a Warn winch and 37-inch mud tires make the changes.

Jeep concept
Jeep ’41 concept

The legacy is extremely important to Jeep, with its origins being traced back to the original Willys Jeep that helped in the efforts of World War II. The “41” number refers to the year the brand was founded, with this concept honoring the original with its matte green exterior finish, black powder coated steel bumpers and khaki soft top. Custom stencils, a retro-shift control, canvas-covered seats and matte green wheels complete the changes, as Jeep says it makes it “suitable for a five-star general”.

A modern twist on the ’41 concept, however, is the fact that it uses the new 4xe plug-in hybrid driveline already available at Wranglers across the US, and offers electric driving for 21 miles.

Jeep concept
Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk PHEV Concept

You will notice that the vast majority of these concepts focus on the Wrangler, which is still Jeep’s most iconic model, and the one that has a particularly strong successor. But Jeep is also throwing the spotlight on its new Grand Cherokee 4xe – the brand’s new plug-in hybrid SUV that serves as its flagship, with a new Trailhawk concept, which is likely to continue to inspire future production models.

Highlights include a class-exclusive sway bar disconnect, which enables better wheel articulation and traction over rocks and rough terrain, while custom 20-inch alloys are wrapped in 33-inch clay tires, along with wide wheel arches. This concept also comes painted in a cool Industrial Blue, with matte decals and a custom roof rack. The upper half of the car is also painted in a durable black liner finish, which means that you can load, for example, Christmas trees and kayaks on the roof racks, without the risk of damaging the paint.

Jeep concept
Jeep Bob Concept

Simply known as “Bob”, this concept is a mix of Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator pick-up, with its name referring to the “bouncing” (or abbreviation) of the long overhang on the back. All of the Gladiator’s four doors and B-pillars have been removed for ‘ultimate outdoor freedom’, while a custom hardtop has been perforated, with canvas applied over the top to provide protection while letting in plenty of natural light.

Bob also comes with a three-inch lifting kit and a custom off-road suspension provided by industry leaders, with a contrasting gloss and matte color scheme that gives the concept even more style.

Jeep concept
Jeep D-Coder Concept from JPP

One of Jeep’s most interesting concepts in 2022 is the D-Coder concept, which was created by Mopar – the division that delivers a range of aftermarket supplies to Jeep owners. Essentially, all aspects of the D-Code that are painted are red. extra features that Mopar can deliver to Wrangler owners, where each part has a QR code that can be scanned, takes a customer directly to the page where they can learn more or buy the accessory for themselves.

Just a few features that Mopar can provide include bespoke Katzkin leather upholstery, mesh sun protection and Gorilla Glass, which is three times as strong as the glass usually fitted.

Jeep concept
Jeep Birdcage Concept from JPP

Birdcage is another model created by Mopar, and it also shows a number of elements from JPP – Jeep Performance Parts. Designed to be a “wide-open-air extreme 4 × 4 machine”, this model is also based on the 4xe plug-in hybrid Wrangler. Jeep worked to improve the approach angle of the standard car, with a custom slider. plate, which protects the winch and is positioned to enable improved rock crawling performance. New wheel housing enclosures and wheel inserts are also fitted, which enables larger wheel and tire combinations.

The windscreen is also removed, while inside the distinctive ‘Tobacco Leaf and Cocoa Brown’ leather seats are a unique touch, with the entire interior designed so that it can be rinsed down when it gets muddy.

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