Jeep Compass Electric & Jeep Renegade Electric: What we know

As part of Jeep’s goal to convert 100% of its European sales to pure electric vehicles by 2030, the company will begin offering all of its small and compact models equipped with electric powertrains in the coming years. After covering the A-segment with the Jeep Avenger Electric, the next zero-emissions right-sized vehicles to hit the European market will be the Jeep Compass Electric and the Jeep Renegade Electric. Currently, both SUVs are available with a plug-in option (PHEV) in Europe.

Jeep Compass Electric

On October 18, 2022, Autocar Business published a report stating that the Jeep Compass will switch to the STLA Medium platform and become a larger model in the transition. The compact SUV will likely be a pure electric vehicle of choice when it moves to the new platform.

The Jeep Compass Electric (rendered) will face stiff competition from dedicated EVs such as the VW ID.4, Skoda Enyaq iV and Nissan Ariya.

Stellantis describes STLA platforms (STLA Small, Medium, Large and Frame) as BEV-centric vehicle platforms. This would mean that these platforms are primarily for electric vehicles and offer backwards compatibility for vehicles with internal combustion engines.

While European countries, the United States, Canada, and China may be ready to adopt an electric-only compass, not many other countries have market share for the compass. Therefore, just like the Avenger, it would be wise to plan two variants.


The Jeep Compass Electric would belong to one of the most popular electric vehicle segments worldwide. It will see stiff competition from dedicated EVs such as the VW ID.4, Skoda Enyaq iV and Nissan Ariya which are already on sale and could be significantly improved when it arrives.

STLA platform EV powertrain outputs
STLA electric drive specifications. The small and medium platforms are of interest for this article. Image: Stellantis

Jeep could use high energy density nickel batteries in the Compass Electric. Officially, we know that STLA Medium-based EVs will have an on-board energy of anywhere between 87kW and 104kWh and deliver a range (presumably WLTP) of up to 440 miles. However, a high-riding model like the Compass Electric can provide a lower range of around 400 miles.

STLA Medium electric cars must easily accommodate two electric motors with an installed power of 125-180 kW each. The Compass Electric can come in single-motor 2WD and dual-motor AWD variants, with the latter’s powertrain producing at least 250 horsepower. There’s no word on a release date, but we expect to see the Jeep Compass Electric in dealerships around 2025.

Jeep Renegade Electric

Jeep Renegade Electric rendering
The Jeep Renegade Electric (rendered) can come in single-motor and dual-motor variants, with the latter packing up to 140 kW (188 hp).

Introduced in 2014, the Jeep Renegade has been overdue for a complete redesign. The Renegade will remain and eventually switch to the STLA Small platform, according to Autocar Business Report. If the B-SUV enters its second generation on the new platform, it would be 2026 when we see the car.


Stellantis has confirmed that the first model based on the STLA Small platform will arrive in 2026, but the British publication claims that it will likely happen before 2025. The STLA Small will replace the second-generation eCMP that underpins the Jeep Avenger and the will be suitable for electric vehicles in the A, B and C segments.

Considering it’s still a while away, the Jeep Renegade Electric could feature cell-to-pack (CTP) installation, eliminating the traditional module level. The CTP will be upgradeable according to customer needs and offer improvements in energy density and charging speed.

Stellanti's STLA platform range
Stellanti’s range estimates for the STLA platform range. Image: Stellantis

Jeep could use nickel-cobalt-free batteries for cost and supply reasons in the lower-priced configurations, with which it can target customers who are on a tight budget and/or mainly intend to drive around town. In the high-end configurations, aimed at customers who are ready to pay a premium for long-distance capability, the company can use nickel batteries.

The STLA Small platform allows the installation of battery packs with a built-in energy capacity of up to 82 kWh. Jeep can use a large enough battery, with a maximum range (WLTP) of around 300 miles. The company could use up to two 70 kW electric motors, giving an installed power of up to 140 kW (188 hp).

TopElectricSUV says

It is expected that the Jeep Compass Electric and Jeep Renegade Electric will rank among the most off-road capable electric SUVs in their respective segments when they go on sale in the middle of the decade. Also, while other automakers are experimenting with bizarre designs and extreme digitization to take advantage of the freedom the transition to electric cars offers, these Jeeps will serve customers who prefer conventional design and simple operations with easy-to-use physical controls.

Featured Image: Rendering of Jeep Compass Electric is for illustration purposes only, and is not representative of the actual design.

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