Jeep and ADDAX Overland Build the ultimate overland trailer

Jeep and ADDAX Overland had partnered to recently reveal the Jeep-branded Edition of the ADDAX Overland Trailer at the 2022 SEMA show. Inspired by the US military’s nearly indestructible surveillance trailer, it was designed and developed by the same team that landed a world land speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats.

This Jeep-branded Edition has just raised the bar for off-road overlanding performance, comfort and capability. It has a dry weight of only 850 lbs, which means that anyone who wants to do an adventure in their own Jeep can haul a 1,200-pound payload up terrain that wasn’t easily possible before – and this without having to compromise on a Jeep’s well-known stability and efficiency.

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Jeep and ADDAX Overland Build the ultimate overland trailer

Cream 2022 ADDAX Overland Trailer with Jeep Rubicon at night

The Jeep-branded Edition of the ADDAX Overland Trailer’s lightweight and high-strength construction makes it the ultimate choice for mountain climbers and mountain bikers just starting their off-road hobby. The Jeep-branded Edition’s folding weight and compact dimensions let adventurers with limited garage space get off the grid whenever they want.

This Jeep-branded Edition of ADDAX Overland Trailers independent torsion axle trailer suspension system ensures that there is 17 inches of ground clearance, helping the driver with the best maneuverability, comfort and control. The 3/16-inch military steel chassis and 14-gauge steel body are lightly bent, not welded, to provide the best durability in the industry.

The Jeep-branded edition of the ADDAX Overland Trailer has tons of features

Red 2022 ADDAX Overland Trailer With Jeep Tests On Red Rock Terrain

Standard features include a rugged 35-cubic-foot storage capacity, four 8,000-pound stabilizing corner jacks, a collapsible tongue, a rear receiver coupler, an articulated coupler, and a heavy-duty custom rack for a variety of mounting options.

ADDAX likes to associate with Jeep for developing a trailer that can take on any terrain. They will continue to work closely with Jeep to develop some of the best and most comprehensive selection of Overlanding products for the Jeep faithful.

The Jeep-branded Edition of ADDAX can follow a Jeep Trail-rated vehicle wherever it goes, and with their latest product they intend to maintain the gold standard in overlanding performance. With the launch of the Jeep-branded Edition, adventure seekers will now be able to make the most of whatever remote location they choose to be stationed at.

ADDAX Overland Trailers are robust and capable

Cream 2022 ADDAX Overland Trailer with Jeep Rubicon driving over the mountains

Having been in the off-road business for 60 years now, ADDAX Overland is always excited to bring the world’s toughest, most reliable Overlanding trailer. Because of their passion to innovate, they managed a world land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

They can easily be considered the best in Overlanding performance. Headquartered in Moab, Utah, they push the limits of their trailers on the iconic red rock terrain.

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ADDAX Overland offers different models

Black 2022 ADDAX Overland Trailer with Jeep Rubicon at base camp

ADDAX Overlanding offers a wide range of Overlanding trailers to suit different customer needs. Whether it’s a weekend getaway in nature or a long adventure, there are several models to choose from.

It starts with “The Utilitarian” which has all the standard manufacturing specifications. The Universal Edition costs $13,600, while the Jeep-badged Edition will set you back $14,600.

The Base Camp model has an electrical package consisting of an AGM battery, a 6-speed panel, solar control, a battery charger and shore power. The water package includes a 10-gallon gravity feed water system.

Red 2022 ADDAX Overland Trailer with jeep driving over Red Rock Terrain

The cargo package includes a rubber mat and a core trax (L Track), together with 4 rings. The habitat package 2.0 includes a 2-person tent and a 6.6 awning and lift. While the Universal Edition costs $17,995, the Jeep-badged Edition costs $18,995.

The Butte model has all the specifications of the Base Camp model but with a habitat package 3.0 you get a 3-person tent and a 270-degree awning. The Universal Edition costs $19,995 and the Jeep-Branded Edition costs $20,995.

The Ridge model gets all the above features, but instead of an AGM, it gets a lithium-ion battery and a 4-person tent. The universal edition costs $21,495, while the Jeep-badged edition will set you back by $22,495.

Cream 2022 ADDAX Overland Trailer with Jeep Rubicon parked on a hill

The Range model adds a luxury annexe, interior and exterior lighting, and larger wheels along with tire adapters. The Universal Edition costs $26,995 and the Jeep-Branded Edition costs $27,995.

The Summit model adds a culinary package to the exhaustive list. It includes a 45-litre fridge, a fridge slide, a rear kitchen/prep area and a rolling table. So you now have the chance to cook your own meal in the surroundings of nature. The universal edition costs $29,995 and $30,995 for the Jeep-badged edition, making it the most expensive model of the lot. Overlanding enthusiasts now have a reason to celebrate in the wild.

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