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New Delhi: The best selling jeep in India is of course the compass but the one you see here is globally one of their best sellers along with being an icon. Of course I’m talking about the Jeep Wrangler. When I travel abroad, especially Dubai, I see Jeep Wranglers every few minutes – probably with adjustments.

That explains Wrangler much more. Owners adapt the car and use it the way they are meant to do. But with the current generation Wrangler, which is getting bigger and more luxurious, does it also function as a luxury SUV?

At Rs 60 lakh for the first-class Wrangler, it can be compared to other SUVs at this price, so we decided to live with the Wrangler and see for ourselves. It helps (or not?) That we got the state-of-the-art and more hardcore Rubicon variant. There is a standard Wrangler which in itself is quite competent terrain but the Rubicon variant is just crazy. Let’s explain.

The Wrangler Rubicon is the most off-road-focused version with off-road special tires, more off-road features and a different look. It’s even more hardcore and to go out in nature. But my first drive is to avoid buses, cars and other things in crazy traffic. Here, the Wrangler Rubicon is surprisingly comfortable.

I have an 8-speed automatic transmission, surprisingly light steering and flexible power supply. It does not feel like I’m running a tank even though it’s built as one. However, the effect on traffic is insane.

Other people stare, cars stop and people pick up their camera phones when you feel like a king who is so high up. Yes, the bouncing ride quality is not very comfortable and there are some tire noises – but Wrangle also in the Rubicon specification is comfortable enough for everyday use. It also helps that the ground clearance it provides makes it easy to cross roads or no roads. While other cars are struggling, the Wrangler Rubicon is just moving on.

We get a single petrol alternative with a 2.0l turbo unit with 268hp / 400Nm. Yes, it’s a massive car but the Wrangler Rubicon does not feel slow and can move whenever you want. Yes, at low speeds there is some lag but the gears are smooth at the same time as most of the torque. You can drive long distances all day without any problems at all.

In town, I quickly turned to the size of the Wrangler while the cabin was once again a surprise in terms of what it offered. Another thing I had to get used to is its narrow foot space without a dead pedal because it requires some effort to get in.

That said, the leather-wrapped dashboard and the comfortable seats are all very welcome while the central touch screen is large enough along with being responsive as well. You get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, dual-zone climate control and pretty much all the basic but important features. Then you see nice details like the original Jeep on the windshield tucked away and lots of Jeep logos. It’s just a cool car.

You can also remove the doors, the roof – hence the switches for window lifts located in the middle. While using the large Wrangler Rubicon in the concrete jungle, we needed to explore its terrain as well.

The Wrangler Rubicon gets a more hardcore Rock-Trac 4×4 system including the Dana 44 front and rear axles along with a “4LO” ratio of 4: 1. A front and rear axle ratio of 4.10 is standard. What does all this mean? This means that the Wrangler Rubicon gets a crazier terrain-focused 4×4 system.

Standard Wrangler is more than enough but Rubicon gets more shoulder joint, ability to climb over rocks and generally everything. It also has electrically lockable front / rear differentials. As previously mentioned, Rubicon gets smaller rims with larger tires, which means 17-inch wheels and special BF Goodrich off-road tires.

That’s why the Wrangler Rubicon turned out to be so fun to drive it over ditches, gravel paths and even take it for a little mountain climbing. To get to our place we had to climb stairs to get in and also walk through mud / large ditches – the kind of stuff that would break the shoulders of many SUVs.

Off-road it is brilliant, on the road it is quite decent and you drive this every day while taking a shortcut through a forest if needed! The Wrangler Rubicon is not your typical luxury SUV but something of an off-roader’s dream, but it has just enough to attract adventurous luxury SUV buyers. The fact that it is now mounted in India is also another USP that has lowered its price compared to the CBU version. Overall, easily one of the coolest SUVs you can buy.

What we like- Appearance, terrain performance, interior features, petrol engine, more available now

What we do not do- Efficiency, ride quality

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