How the 835-HP Rivian R1S is cooler than the GMC Hummer EV

There is no doubt about the growing craze for the new generation of all-electric pickups in the United States. The new all-electric car manufacturers like Rivian and Tesla created the hype with the R1T and Cybertruck. And this hype only got hotter with the arrival of offerings like the F150 Lightning, Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Hummer EV pickup from older car manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors. Of course, this new generation of electric pickups is creating new electric SUVs for families, with the Rivian R1S and the GMC Hummer EV SUV.

Comparative Rivian The R1S and GMC Hummer EV SUV are a natural fit, as both have come to market as cool, techy SUVs aimed primarily at families looking to embrace the future of electric mobility. While the R1S is a product with its heritage built from the ground up, the GMC Hummer EV SUV rides high on the emotions of the comeback of the iconic Hummer brand of yesteryear. Here we compare these full-scale all-electric SUVs step by step to find out how the Rivian R1S hits the cool quotient better than the Hummer SUV EV.

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The Rivian R1S has more subtle road presence

2022 Rivian R1S electric SUV in studio
VIa: Rivian

When it comes to how they look from the outside, the Rivian R1S and the GMC Hummer SUV EV take drastically different approaches. The GMC Hummer SUV EV has retained the in-your-face attitude of the gas-guzzling Hummers of yesteryear, with its muscular front grill, boxy wheel arches and fenders, and high-riding shoulder line. The full-size rear-mounted spare tire gives the Hummer SUV EV that tough, go-anywhere look.

On the other hand, the RIvian R1S has a cleaner look, evident in its minimalist front panel and stretched, elegant LED lights both front and back. Although its side profile also gets square wheel arches, it has less visual drama than the Hummer SUV EV, with cleaner lines and smooth-type door handles. The Hummer SUV EV stands out for its butch and loud design, but clearly the Rivian R1S is a better choice if you want to stand out from the crowd while being subtle.

The cabin in the Rivian R1S feels more practical and smoother

Rivian R1S interior
Via: Rivian

Step inside the Rivian R1S and you’ll immediately feel that this SUV’s exterior has been retained in the cabin as well. Both SUVs get massive touchscreen infotainment systems and instrument consoles behind the steering wheel. But the rest of the dashboard on the Rivian R1S looks cleaner with seamlessly integrated air conditioning vents. On the other hand, the Hummer SUV EV retains the in-your-face attitude of the exterior design even in the cabin, with its boxy lines, massive rectangles and protruding elements on the dashboard.

Despite being shorter than the GMC Hummer SUV EV by about 6 inches, the Rivian R1S gets an extra row of seats behind the second row, making it a seven-seat family. The third row of seats, which also fold, make it a relatively more suitable vehicle for larger families.

The Rivian R1S goes further and faster than the GMC Hummer SUV EV

Rivian R1S plays off-road
Via: Rivian

For all the abundance of sportiness in the visual appeal of the GMC Hummer SUV EV, it is the Rivian R1S that is more capable with a longer range and better performance, even if the differences are marginal. In its top-spec forms, the Rivian R1S claims 316 miles of range, which is believed to be higher than the “more than 300+” miles of range claimed by the Hummer SUV EV. Even in their base spec versions, the 260+ mile range claimed by the R1S is more than the Hummer SUV EV’s 250+ mile range.

While comparing pure performance, the Rivian R1S surprises by being faster and more powerful than the brutal GMC Hummer SUV EV. In its top-spec form, the Rivian R1S gets a quad-motor setup, with one motor attached to each wheel. The combined output of these electric motors is 835 hp, while their maximum torque is 908 lb-ft.

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On the other hand, the GMC Hummer SUV EV claims a maximum output of 830 hp with its “Ultium Drive” tri-motor setup. GMC claims an astounding 11,500 lb-ft of torque for the Hummer SUV EV, which is most likely calculated by using the torque produced at the wheels and multiplying the number by the final drive ratios. In the real world scenario, the torque will likely vary between 800-900 lb-ft. Both SUVs claim to do the 0-60 mph sprint in three seconds, although the higher power and torque outputs claimed by the Rivian R1S should give it a longer-term advantage.

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