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The 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 pickup seems tailored for those with short attention spans. Tired of the three-engine driveline that makes it the fastest pickup we’ve ever tested? Here’s a Crab Walk Button! Does driving sideways lose its luster? Why not play with the locking front differential or specialized terrain cameras? But when the distractions get old and the showroom’s splendor of the 1,000-hp electric Hummer, $ 112,000 disappears, what do you have left? What is the interior like to live with? We spent a few weeks with the new Hummer EV pickup, and these are the pros and cons of the GMC’s electric interior.

It is over This world

The GMC Hummer EV pickup may be grounded, but its interior is out of this world. GM saw the Hummer EV program as its “moonshot” due to the accelerated pace of the development program. (The electric pickup reportedly evolved in just over two years, about half the time for typical GM applications for new vehicles.) As such, GM’s interior designers drew some inspiration from NASA’s Apollo program, where the United States became the first and to date only nation to put astronauts on the moon.

The moon’s influence is most evident in Hummer’s speaker grids, which are etched with a copy of the moon’s Sea of ​​Tranquility and have a bootprint like that left behind by the Apollo astronauts. But there are more subtle lunar touches, too. The floors, for example, are structured to resemble the moon, and driving mode graphic displays have GMCs that sit on the moon’s surface.

Hummer’s interior color schemes can be mistaken for inspiration from modern Apple products, but the black and white vegan “leather” and metallic accents in bronze are actually a tribute to the original lunar rover, which GM co-built in the 1960s. Almost the only design features that read “Hummer” are the large, meaty grip handles and blocky, oversized HVAC valves – the middle one is even subtly shaped like an “H”. It may be disappointing for some, but it’s probably the best – neither the original Hummer H1 nor the GM-developed H2 and H3 were known for their interior design or quality.

Improved screening

If you hit the Hummer’s accelerator and watch its stubby, Halo Warthog-like nose point towards the sky ever get old (it did not for us), there’s a lot that can distract you inside the cabin once the Super Cruise is engaged. Right in front of the driver is a large, high-resolution 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, while an even larger 13.4-inch screen sits above the center console. The digital instrument cluster has a moon-inspired background, and it is reconfigurable, making it easy to add gauges for rolling, pitch, tire pressure or the Super Cruise system as you like.

The center display is for the most important infotainment functions and driving mode screens. We especially like the built-in integration of Google apps, including Maps. It makes route planning fast and painless. In a feature that we hope other automakers will copy, GMC took advantage of Hummer’s touchscreen by integrating driver-configurable auxiliary switches directly into the system’s Off-Road Pages menu. This makes it easy to install and integrate aftermarket accessories, such as extra lights or a winch.

Both screens have sharp graphics powered by Epics Unreal Engine (a video game development tool) and designed by a media company known for working on Marvel Universe projects.

Do not look down

The moon-inspired design, flamboyant graphics and large screens show that GMC paid a lot of attention to making a good first impression, but we wish it paid more attention to the basics of the Hummer EV Edition 1 pickup. We can look past the seats and a center console straight out of the GMC Sierra, but we can not look past the rogue material choices for this $ 112,595 electric truck. The powerful switches and knobs are thin to the touch, the tuning in our example was loose-fitting, and the Hummer has acres of shiny, rental-grade stone plastic on the doors and lower parts of the center console.

In addition to these disappointments, the Hummer’s cabin is quite spacious and comfortable. The high floor (the large 200-kWh battery pack is there) creates a surprisingly narrow ceiling height for those north of 6 feet long, but Hummer’s removable ceiling panels can provide all the space you need and a little more.

Pizza, pizza

You do not necessarily need to find space in the garage for these roof panels, as GMC has skillfully equipped Hummer’s massive backs to hold them. Open the motorized front to find four black foam cartridges designed to hold your roof panels securely in place. If you want to leave the panels behind, these holders in the pizza box appear quite easily and can be stacked in a place of your choice.

Elsewhere, the Hummer has a large storage compartment in the center console, and the rear seats have two hidden storage compartments built into the outboard backrest.

Walk around the back (or drop the rear glass and climb through if you’re flexible enough) to access Hummer’s stubby 5-foot bed. It has plenty of mounts, and GM’s love-or-hate-it multiposition tailgate makes it easy to access.

What is the verdict?

While there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to build quality, the interior of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup is a well thought out package. We love the creative design theme that is not this world and the thinking outside the box when it comes to infotainment and storage. If GM can fix the shortcomings, the Hummer EV pickup – and Edition 1 in particular – may feel worth its hefty price tag.

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