How I plan to mount my 4.4m Jeep Compass in my parking space under 4m

Even a Ford Ecosport & Mahindra XUV300 fit perfectly, with no room for error.

BHPian ramnaresh_2000 recently shared this with fellow enthusiasts.

Bhpians, need some advice and your valuable input on parking my Phoenix at my home.

Background: Since I bought my compass during the pandemic WFH era, I used to park it at my parent’s house in my hometown. It was a nice covered parking lot with walls on two sides and an open area on the other two sides. Now that my son’s school has started, I moved back to Hyderabad. I’m still WFH

Problem: I live in a duplex house with a limited parking space that can only fit small cars less than 4 meters long. It can easily fit the i10, Santro, Celerio, Kwid and Tiago (you get the idea). It might fit the Swift, Ecosport or XUV300, but it will sit very comfortably with no room for error. The problem is that my compass is about 4.4 meters long. I don’t want to park it on the road as the harsh Hyderabad sun and rain will spoil the paint. It will attract rats and bird droppings.

Solution/Jugaad: Extending my gate and making it a 2 step folding gate, so my compass is protected. I will use a car cover to protect the back.

Need advice: I know the problem, I have the solution, but need advice on the gate folding mechanisms. I found some pictures online, but not sure which is the best mechanism for me.

Please share pictures if you use this kind of solution or other jugaads you use.

In the picture below you can see the back sticking out quite a bit and can’t close my gate.

I want the folding mechanism near the red arrows.

Need advice on damping material required on side walls and front entrance. The right side door and front bumper need protection against walls due to tight gaps.

Found some pictures online. Thanks to the original uploader.

This one looks overdone.

Below are screenshots from the YouTube video

Last question: Will this extension be illegal? Are any approvals required from the local municipality?

Thanks in advance.

Here’s what BHPian anjan_c2007 had to say on the matter:

The best solution is to extend your gate with the help of a good manufacturer to make it a two-stage folding gate. In addition to using a car cover, also make the gate taller and opaque with either metal or acrylic sheets to keep the aesthetics ok. A taller gate that covers the full height of the SUV can camouflage it from prying eyes.

Such two-stage folding gates have become common in Delhi since the 1990s in localities where every middle and upper middle class house (they call it ‘Kothi’) has an average of at least four cars these days. These two-stage folding gates intrude into the footpath space on wider roads no doubt but are only too common, especially in South Delhi.

Here’s what BHPian hridaygandhi had to say on the matter:

We were in a similar situation a few years ago and had to consider the Ford Fusion instead of the Fiesta (2006) and the Honda Jazz instead of the Honda City (2011) and so decided when it came time for the next upgrade that we didn’t want a 4-meter parking space to limit our choice of car.

We were in a slightly different situation than you in that we had a garage with a hatch roof, so we decided to install a new hatch outside the roof (the old one was inside the roof) to increase the length of the garage to 4.8 meter. In this way, our shutter closed on the ramp instead of in the parking lot as before. (It helped that we had our house built and left a 10 foot space between the road and the ramp and therefore owned the area.) We also took the opportunity to install the automatic open-close mechanism which has been such a blessing.

In your case, I would suggest installing a sliding gate outside the wall, which can run alongside the exterior wall when opened. (No legality issue either.) It barely takes up any space, won’t open on the road, and like us, you can take the opportunity to remotely control the opening, which will be a great convenience on sunny/rainy days.

Another suggestion would be to install a combination roof and hatch (since you own the land for the ramp as well) that can completely cover your parking lot and protect your car.

Here’s what BHPian Cliff9091 had to say on the matter:

I think the gate extension is the best solution for you, it is a common practice in bangalore and called box gates, in terms of the door hitting the wall, the best I can think of the baby proof materials for sharp corners and walls at home, or even soundproof foam panels. Get them in the shade of your wall, or paint them in the shade. It will look nice and not very sticky. The port extensions there are mixed reactions on the forum.

Also the car will be used I assume daily all day and only parked at night and at the time of day, there should be no problem with the ‘footpath’ being used. As can be seen from the pictures you shared when people park the cars on uneven roads and you try hard not to cause problems for passersby, the small gate extension is justified. Be sure to get a nice car cover and acrylic/plastic sheet extensions if your budget allows.

Check out BHPian’s comments for more insight and information.

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