Here’s why the EV Hummer is a terrible off-road vehicle

The terrain world is a strange world right now. There’s a huge amount of old and new technology vying for the title of most capable off-roader. The Hummer EV definitely falls into the new category and it was stated by the GMC team that it is the best off-road vehicle the world has ever seen. Big statement – way too big. While there’s no denying that the off-road capabilities of the new EV Hummer are impressive – especially considering its weight – there’s absolutely no way it can beat the best of the best on the current market when it comes to the rough stuff. To prove it, let’s go through all the reasons why this is so.


The Hummer EV is the definition of excessive


Side view of the massive Hummer EV

The new EV Hummer is massive. It’s about the size of a full-size truck, and it weighs 9,023 pounds. Its batteries alone weigh 2,923 pounds and its three electric motors produce 1,000 horsepower. Wait a bit here now. How on earth is a vehicle that has wasted so much material to make (and most of it comes from the other side of the world) considered environmentally friendly? Just the speed at which the new Hummer will chew through tires and brakes should be an indication that this is a waste. Anyway, let’s move on to the purpose of this article – off-road capabilities.

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What makes the Hummer EV a good off-road vehicle?

Hummer EV Rear shot

The Hummer EV has fun off-roading

A good all-terrain vehicle must have a variety of functions. These are good ground clearance, good approach, departure and rollover angles, low reach, diff lock, good suspension travel, a supple body that can squeeze through tight trails, underbody protection and a relatively light construction that makes it easier to drive over obstacles. . A good example of the above characteristics is the Jeep Wrangler or the Ford Bronco; arguably the two most capable off-roaders money can currently buy (brand new). So, of all the above, what points does the Hummer manage to hit? Well, it has good ground clearance thanks to air suspension, acceptable approach and departure angles, a simulation of diff lock through the electric motors and underbody protection – that’s it. Wheelbase isn’t great due to the quad independent system, the long wheelbase means its breaking angle is subpar, it’s fantastically heavy, it doesn’t have low reach and it’s not agile due to its size (although rear steering helps a lot). The above issues were evident as soon as the TFLoffroad team took the new EV Hummer off-road.

Hummer EV close-up

Close-up of the Goodyear tires that the Hummer EV rides on

First of all, the slow and controlled approach is not possible due to the lack of low range. The driver must maintain speed or the Hummer cannot pull its weight over a large obstacle. This number reminds us of Subarus with the CVT gearbox. Due to the huge hood and general dimensions of the vehicle, it was very difficult to judge where the wheel and corners of the vehicle are located in relation to the trail. Then there’s the constant worry that you’ll scratch the sides due to the width of the thing. It should also be noted that the vehicle the TFLoffroad Crew used only had 1,000 miles on it and the front lock button was already broken, the terrain displays were faulty and the suspension refused to go into the higher ride height positions.

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The Hummer EV has its strengths

The front of the Hummer EV

GMC Hummer EV cruising down the road

Its downfalls when it comes to off-road driving are obvious; however, it must be said that the EV Hummer also has some strong points. For example, the rear wheel steering works great and helps mask the size of the vehicle when taking tight turns. It can also help when trying to drive over certain obstacles as the driver can change the wheelbase of the vehicle by turning the wheel. In addition, the independent air suspension provides good clearance and good ride quality. This combines with the tough skid plates that protect the batteries to make a vehicle that won’t have too much trouble driving over large rocks. Finally, the camera system further helps reduce the stress of taking this behemoth down a trail as it provides a great view of the rocks, trees and any other obstacles that lie ahead.

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Hummer is more of a gimmick rather than a true off-road vehicle

The new Hummer EV is more of a show machine rather than one that can get the job done. Showing off its features to friends and people who are interested is cool; however, its obstacles are too obvious to ignore. Not to mention you won’t be able to spend too long on a trail because you’ll soon run out of battery. The TFL team took 22 percent of the battery charge to drive the six miles up the Red Cone Trail in Colorado. EV off-road vehicles have potential, but brands need to mix the new technology with old-fashioned gear like axles and articulation. That is unless a truly game-changing technology is uncovered. For now, we’ll stick to the trusty Toyotas, Jeeps and Fords.

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