Here’s what we love about the Jeep Cherokee Up Country

With an estimated sales of approximately 1.4 million SUVs in 2016, it is the American car brand Jeep is one of the leading car companies in America.

The company was founded in 1943 with headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, and they manufacture cars such as Sport Utility Vehicles, SUVs and luxury cars. They are best known for their successful SUVs. Two of the most famous jeeps include the Wagoneer and the Cherokee.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the Jeep Cherokee.

Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee is the king of off-road driving and one of the most successful models and production of the Jeep company, with the first model in 1974. It has become one of the most elite SUV models; it has also evolved from being a complete SUV to a compact SUV.

The Jeep Cherokee is named after a North American Indian tribe, and this name has caused controversy with people who have asked for the name to be changed.

The Jeep Cherokee is an exciting vehicle and was thought to be the more affordable version of its predecessor, The Wagoneer. It is available in different models and functions depending on how satisfied the customer is. Various modifications have been made to each model that has exposed the Cherokee nameplate since 1974 due to changes in the manufacturer that started with the American engine (1974 – 1987) to Stellantis NV (2021 – Current), a Dutch multinational car manufacturing company.

Cherokee came in models that include: full size SUV (1974 – 1983), a compact SUV (1974 – 2013), a compact crossover SUV (2013 – now).

Each model also comes with a different type of drive: the front engine, rear-wheel drive (1974 – 2013), the front-engine front-wheel drive (2013 – current), the front engine, four-wheel drive (1974 – present).

One of the most interesting things about the Jeep Cherokee is the extra package and features that it introduced to its models. One of the most impressive packages in the Upcountry package.

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Upcountry Suspension Package

A suspension is a car system that absorbs a vertically accelerated wheel; it lets the frame and body ride undisturbed while the wheels follow bumps on the road.

A suspension is a more important part of vehicles than SUVs, and a suspension job includes: It ensures the safety of the passenger and driver, maximizes the friction between the tires and the road surface during acceleration, barking or cruising, and, most importantly, provides strong take-off stability. The Jeep company decided to create a suspension that would be good for the type of vehicle that the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are but was limited to certain models.

This suspension package abroad was a feature that the Jeep Cherokee came in; it was a limited edition package that was included in the models from 1993 to 1996. The overseas function was exceptional; it was like adding everything you need to get an off-road jeep to reach its peak. It has an optional factory lifting kit that offers springs, full slip plates, front and row towbars, a rear LSD, no swivel and full spare tires. The upcountry first debuted in 1993 with the Grand Cherokee model and was later added to its trim level model, this package remained an alternative until 2001, but the Grand Cherokee still retained the package until 2003.

From the beginning, the Jeep Cherokee was made for more adventurous people with an interest in off-road driving. The suspension makes it easy and gives it more excitement, and this package was only exclusive to the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models. The longitudinal suspension is 75-1 “, which is higher than the standard suspension package; it also comes with a stiffer spring speed, the suspension helps with deep snow, muddy and Rocky Road, etc.

Some of the Jeep Cherokee models in the Upcountry suspension package include the Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee, Jeep Cherokee XJ, Jeep Cherokee ZJ.

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Why we love the Jeep Cherokee Upcountry

This version of the Jeep Cherokee in this suspension is scarce today; production was completely discontinued in 2003. The ones you see today may come in not so excellent condition. At the beginning of the success of the Jeep Cherokee brand, it was targeted as an off-road vehicle for young people with an adventurous spirit, and then the Grand Cherokee was released.

The Upcountry Suspension was one of a kind that made the vehicle fun with better shock absorbers, no rear swingarm, and was designed to improve the efficiency and better performance of your Jeep.

Unfortunately, not everyone today is familiar with this shutdown, and it seems that people stopped talking about it after the end of the shutdown in the country. Still, that does not change the fact that it made the Jeep Cherokee models a better challenger for off-road vehicles with its fun orange “Upcountry suspension” decal.

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