Here’s what we just learned about the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer

1963, Jeep launched a new innovative vehicle, the Jeep Wagoneer. The SUV was second in its class, and production continued until 1991 when the car was discontinued. About thirty years later, the Wagoneer brand is making a return to the Jeep range, but this time Wagoneer is set to become a sub-brand with a distinct identity.

The idea of ​​a sub-brand is not a completely new concept, as other car manufacturers such as Ford have previously experimented with the idea of ​​huge success in their Bronco and Mustang nameplates. With superior luxury features than most of its likely competitors, the Wagoneer will be launched with a more luxurious model, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Ahead of the launch in the summer of 2021, here are some things to know about Wagoneer.

10 Very competitive price for a luxury SUV

The American car manufacturers Jeep plan to launch their two new SUVs, Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Jeep Wagoneer, where the latter will come at a more affordable price. The SUV costs around $ 59,995 for the base Series I model, while the Series II comes in for $ 69,995. We have Series III and Series II Premium in the higher part of the scale, starting at $ 74,995 and $ 79,270 respectively.

Even with a destination fee that should be within the $ 1,650 region, the vehicle is expected to be price-leading in its class.

9 Stylish interior

The inside of the Jeep Wagoneer is decidedly luxurious and has plenty of space. With the capacity for at least seven passengers, the Wagoneer does not change comfort towards the room. It manages to combine both in a balanced way. The design shows attention to detail and fantastic craftsmanship. Leather upholstery, ambient lighting, 12-way adjustable electric seats and automatic climate control complete the jeep’s luxurious interior.

With everything in the right place and the use of high-quality materials inside the SUV, you get the feeling that the Wagoneer is a bargain.

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8 It’s a great family vehicle

Jeep wagoneer is the ultimate family vehicle. Whether you are going on a family vacation, an outing with friends or need a place to shop for food, there is enough space for you. The car manufacturers claim that it has enough space to accommodate eight passengers with an optional second row on the Wagoneer.

For cargo, the total luggage space behind the third row is 27.4 cubic feet, while the entire area from the front seat to the rear measures 116.7 cubic feet.

7 The haulier’s performance

All trim of the new Wagoneer will have a 5.7-liter V8 engine that should provide 404 lb-ft of torque and 392 hp. The engine will be powered by a 48-volt hybrid system that can provide an additional 130 lb-ft of torque. Buyers can add four-wheel drive to the standard eight-speed automatic transmission if they want to maximize the off-road capacity of this vehicle.

Although the fuel economy values ​​for the car have not yet been released, it can pull up to 10.00 lbs, according to Jeep.

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6 It comes with a state-of-the-art infotainment system

In an attempt to outperform its rivals, such as the Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade, Jeep expertly fits all available technology into the Wagoneer. A prominent feature of Wagoneer is the availability of large screens. In addition to the 10.3-inch digital instrument panel, there is also a 10.1-inch infotainment screen with the latest Uconnect 5.

There is also a 10.3 optional screen on the passenger seat that supports Amazon’s Fire TV for auto. Second-row passengers can also enter the act with a 10.1-inch screen controlled by a front-seat passenger.

5 Its legendary predecessor

While the 2022 Wagoneer may sound like a new entry for younger car enthusiasts, the name has previously moved by Jeep. The original Jeep Wagoneer was first built in 1962 and discontinued in 1991. It is the prototype on which most SUVs are built, and in 1966 Jeep built an advanced 4WD model known as the Super Wagoneer.

2022 Jeep Wagoneer is also in decent company, as it will be released together with Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

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4 It has advanced driver assistance technology

Jeep Wagoneer will use advanced technology to give the drivers the best experience. Some safety features include a 360 ° Surround View camera that helps you see everything that is happening around your vehicle and an Intersection Collision Assist that alerts the driver of oncoming vehicles.

Other safety features include emergency braking for pedestrians and cyclists, traffic sign recognition, crossroads detection, blind spot monitoring and a night vision camera that detects animal and human movements.

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3 A Jeep without its brand

Wagoneer is a large car and follows Jeep’s impressive design and shares many similarities with the original. Jeep marks are nowhere on the vehicle. Instead, “WAGONEER” is boldly written on the front grille and tailgate. On each side of the vehicle is an American flag along with the WAGONEER mark.

Jeep’s seven-compartment grille sits higher than usual on the hood and leans forward. Also worth noting is the rear window, which has a boxed upright shape.

2 It is not track rated

Despite all the fantastic assets of this vehicle, one noticeable thing about the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer is the absence of the “Trail Rated” brand standard among jeep cars. In order for a jeep to receive this mark, it must be tested in five different aspects: water lining, ground clearance, traction, articulation and maneuverability.

Given the size of the Wagoneer, it is not optimized to be an off-road vehicle. But features such as the drive mode selector and an air suspension that gives the Wagoneer an extra 3.6 inches from the ground mean that it will not perform too poorly.

1 It comes in several trims

Three major models are available on the Jeep Wagoneer, with the standard model, known as the Series I, equipped with a rear-wheel drive, while the other two models, the Series II and Series III, come with a 4WD function. On all clothing, the second row with armrests in the second row is optional.

Series II has two variants; premium and standard, while Series III also has two variants; Premium and off-road.

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