Here’s what Jeep has in store for the next three years

Founded in 1941, Jeep’s climb to the most famous brand is one of the most legendary stories of all time, and one that has been told over and over again. The brand was born in war, and as a major player in World War II, the Jeep was tough, fast and served various purposes. It could serve as an ambulance or tow truck, and it rarely got stuck.

Over the years, Jeep have passed through various owners, with some scoring successes and others have experienced sad failures. But as it did during the war, the brand has fought on. However, the US’s most notable SUV brand has lagged slightly behind in the car electrification race, and this, along with competition from brands such as Toyota, Land Rover and the like, has threatened their grip on the SUV market. With this in mind, most of the carmaker’s plans for the coming years revolve around electrification. Follow us as we describe what Jeep has in store for the next three years.

10 Drone-Follow function

The drone tracking function is proof that there is no end to technical innovations when it comes to Jeep. Although drones have been around for a while and can track moving objects, Jeep has outlined an innovative way to attach drones to vehicles that differ from when Audi used it for headlights.

The drone mating technology enables the integration of the dashboard and will be used to capture fantastic images from terrain trips and can be used for entertainment as well as safety purposes.

9 Fully electric electric car in each segment 2025

Jeep’s plug-in hybrid vehicles are the next big thing in the car market, and carmakers announced that they already plan to become fully electric by 2025. This means that each segment or trim of the Jeep will have fully electric, zero-emission batteries. They teased that electric cars would have a target of 500 miles range and accelerate from zero to 60 mph in about 2.0 seconds.

In a recent announcement, Stellantis also said it is set to establish four new STLA platforms worth an investment of over $ 36 billion to ensure that all of its 14 brands become fully electric.

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8 Solar-powered charging stations

Although Jeep does not yet own a fully electric vehicle, it plans to manufacture electric cars and install solar charging stations on off-road trails.

To do this, Jeep will team up with Electrify America to establish the stations and ensure easy and convenient charging either through solar panels or connected power grids, with the main focus on cross-country skiers and people in the countryside. The mentioned stations would have level 2 chargers and could provide full charge in two hours.

7 Flat-Seat Stargazing

Jeep is set to offer its drivers all the comfort a car can. In addition to the heated seats, flat seats will also be part of the company’s future models. This feature would allow the 4×4 cabin to be folded back into a bed when needed.

Campers and nature lovers will be able to fold down their seats and relax while they can look at the star regardless of whether the vehicle is in motion or not. This idea would take the luxury of jeeps to a whole new level.

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6 Jeep E-shop

Jeep presents its customers with an e-shop platform to make shopping easier. With a few clicks on your PC, you can complete the entire purchasing process, including paperwork and an e-signature. You can also request home delivery and have your Jeep delivered home from home.

The most exciting part is that you can configure or customize it to your favorite details, features, colors and available packages. At the e-shop you can also ask all your questions, book a test drive time or list your used Jeep for sale.

5 Autonomous off-road driving

Car manufacturers have previously worked to remove driving stress from the driver, and that is what Jeep plans to achieve with its autonomous driving technology. Future Jeep models will be equipped with a level 2 hands-on fully autonomous off-road technology as well as remote tracking functions for vehicles that can take over the driving functions, which guarantees a higher level of safety for all drivers.

With this driverless function, it is possible to send your vehicle away alone for extra necessities, or in case of incapacity for work, the driver is sure to be driven to safety.

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4 Biometric recognition

From activity keys to phone unlock technology and now biometric recognition, the days of conventional car keys are almost over. Jeep has developed its plans to install biometric recognition technology that allows users to access their vehicles by scanning their faces or thumbs outside the vehicle.

Future jeeps may be able to identify users with high-resolution cameras and sensors and give them access to or release them from the car without using keys, phones or remembering passwords.

3 Peer To Peer charge

Jeep’s plans to never leave a stranded driver behind. Think of it as sucking gasoline to drive another car. Future Jeep EV users can share charging points with each other, especially in remote areas, where power may not be readily available.

This concept of peer-to-peer charging is simple; all that is required is that the two cars come close, are connected by a cord, and the electrons will flow between them, from the higher to the lower tank. The concept is not only time-saving, but it can also encourage more people to immerse themselves in the purchase of electric cars.

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2 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

Jeep has released teasers of the 2022 Jeep grand Cherokee 4xe, which promises to be sportier, redefined and more updated than its predecessor. To begin with, the infotainment would come with a 10-inch touch screen, an extra front passenger screen for assistant pilot assistance and a nine-speaker alpine stereo system.

Jeep says you can also choose between a V6, V8 or hybrid plug-in engine, which generates up to 375 horsepower and 470 pounds of torque with a towing capacity of 6,000 pounds.

1 Free maintenance of all 2021 cars for 3 years

The good news for all Jeep users is that the manufacturer will offer scheduled free maintenance for the first three years or 36,000 miles for all users, whether they are first-time users or leased. This comes as an improvement on wave loyalty programs and part of its 80th anniversary celebrations.

Maintenance will include 24-hour customer service / assistance, free oil changes, tire rotation and a travel interruption protection plan worth approximately $ 1,000 in cases where your Jeep is set aside for repairs and approximately $ 35 in car rental compensation. There is also VIP access and treatment for designated Jeep brand events. ”

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