Here’s what 2004 GMC Canyon is worth today

Rewind all the way back to the early 20th century. It was around 1908 when Durrant gained control of the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and Reliance Motor Car Company to form General Motors Business. Today, GMC is a globally reputable organization responsible for the production of a variety of cars.

In 2004-05, car manufacturers ignored their small pickups for much of the previous decade, focusing on more advantageous full-size trucks and SUVs. But during these model years, General Motors took the leap into the field with the presentation of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.

Although the truck is hardly more limited than its archetype, the Sonoma, it is about four inches more extensive inside. That kind of information addresses GMC’s increased thoughtfulness regarding the space in the Canyon without confiscating the benefits of the things that moderate pickup drivers do.

Well, we know the aspects that made the 2004 GMC Canyon a special pickup. But before we look at its current value, let’s dive into why it was hyped.

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The sporty look of the GMC Canyon catches more than the eye

GMC Canyon and its closely associated partner, Chevrolet Colorado, were designed synchronously by GM’s operations in North America and Brazil together with Isuzu. With Canyon’s special new style, it could not have been mistaken for its GMC archetype, Sonoma.

With its rough ability and visible style, the 2004 Canyon small pickup presents a wild and sporty look. It speaks in exactly strong accents no matter which trim you choose.

Canyon puts on another face for GMC’s average size pickup. The dark grille with its centered free-rolling GMC logo is surrounded by LEDs. A light dihedral at the front outer edge of the hood gives it a powerful look.

Three different cabin arrangements were offered on this model year of Canyon:

  • Standard cabin model with two entrances with a 6 foot (1.8 m) drawer and seating for two,
  • Larger cabin model with four entrances with a 6 foot (1.8 m) drawer and seating for four or five travelers,
  • Cabin model with four entrances with a smaller box of 1.5 m and room for five or six travelers.

The interior of GMC Canyon

2004 Canyon is expertly created with features that make an inside that was very relevant, strong and spacious. The premium finish on the materials meant that the car stood well apart in the class against competitors such as Ford.

Canyon has a lack of inside directly down to its elastic floor mats so you can get in with sloppy work boots and not feel remorseful. SLE, however, has more comfort that is disliked inside with coverage and more extravagant texture on its seats.

The best thing about the interior, you ask yourself? Canyon Crew Cab models have ample capacity options to pack the things you need. It was equipped with highlights such as a split seat that collapses in the back with storage under the seat and a huge center control area.

Developments such as a recessed door design, triple seals, shear-like body mounts and liquid-applied mufflers help to give an astonishingly calm feeling in the space.

The highest trim levels in the crew cabin offered exclusive highlights. Some of these are seating areas that are handled by cowhide, double force adjustable front container seats with lumbar support and heating.

The front seats are the cabin’s five-star segment, but those behind will not have to endure the torment of the old side-mounted seats in extended cabins. Canyon’s all-inclusive cabin is large enough to accommodate its periodic forward-looking travelers.

Entertainment system was right on point. The truck was equipped with a run-in CD transformer, XM Satellite Radio and rear side airbags. Also, not to forget, the Crew Cab has open seating for five.

Larger cabin model with four entrances is offered with a box of 1.8 m and seating for four or five passengers, while you can use a cabin model with four entrances with a smaller box of 1.5 m and seating for five or six passengers.

Standard and widened cab models have stepped on the rear bumper in front of the rear tires, which makes it easier to reach and load things towards the front of the bed.

Extended cabins have entrance handles inside the entrance that are attached to the front edge of the rear swivel entrances. Crew Cabs have front swivel rear entrances with reach handles that are easy to grip and open.

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An economical engine with good handling

GMC canyon contained a base engine that produced 175 hp with another option of 220 hp. With its fuel economy, it was voted one of the best pickups in 2004.

Canyon feels strong. Its casing is undeniably more inflexible than Sonomas’. This means no rattling or squeaking, and the pickup bed does not burst or create any other commotion. The suspension can work all the more correctly, without impedance from the case flex, which gives a superior, more controlled ride.

The most extreme towing is 4,000 pounds, significantly less than Sonoma’s 6,000. One could actually say that riding comfort was drastically improved at the price of some benefit. In addition, it offered drivers two suspension options.

The 220 HP variant comes with a 3.5-liter Vortec 3,500 five-chamber engine and a dual overhead cam unit with variable cam time. It creates 225 lb-ft of torque at 2,800 rpm. The five-chamber engine is on standby and travels as discreetly as an eagle scouting for its prey.

The fuel economy is on average 19 MPG and its double suspension makes this medium-sized pickup a much more worthy competitor than the heavy big bad boys.

Current pricing of GMC Canyon

Right now, the 2004 base variant of GMC Canyon sells out for $ 16,025 and extends all the way up to a good price of $ 28,000.

With its new skeleton and body, Canyon takes advantage of the latest innovation, and exposes it to more experienced plans.

Canyon is ideal for owners who need a genuine pickup but who do not need the size and cost of a full size pickup. The Canyon is an overall entertainer that prepares the GMC for medium-sized pickups and is definitely worth the cost for people commuting locally.

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