Here’s all you need to know before buying a used Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep introduced the Grand Cherokee to the market in 1993. Since then, this family-oriented SUV has been one of Jeep’s best-selling cars. The 2022 model offers a perfect combination of power and luxury in the higher trims. But previous models are still popular in the used car market for buyers with a tight budget.

Like any other car, the Grand Cherokee had a few hiccups during different years. If you are looking for a used Jeep Grand Cherokee, it is best to avoid problematic models. Let’s take a look at the SUV’s worst year, its reliability and longevity, and everything else you need to know before you decide to buy one.

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2011, 2014 and 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee models had the most owner complaints

According to Car complaints website, the 2011 model has the most overall complaints from the owner, making it the worst model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Over 220 owners reported problems with the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM). According to the complaints, the switch stops working well before 52 000 km due to TIPM running poorly. Owners have spent over $ 1,000 to fix the module.

Another common problem with the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is that the engine stops while the vehicle is in motion. Several owners have complained that they have not been able to diagnose the root of the problem, while some others have spent about $ 2,000 to repair the engine.

Most of the 2014 model’s complaints concern cheap interior materials. More than 50 owners have noticed that the leather instrument is delaminated and pulls away. “My leather dashboard is falling apart. The dealer said this is a well-known problem – but it is not covered by the warranty,” said one owner in November 2018. Owners have spent an average of $ 400 to fix the problem.

Another problematic area for the 2014 Grand Cherokee is the transmission system. More than 140 owners have filed complaints and say their automatic transmission does not shift properly. According to the information, transmission problems arise after only 10 200 km. Most owners managed to get a cure from Jeep under warranty.

The 2015 model is also plagued by severe transmission problems. Owners have complained that the electronic exchange is unreliable and jerks when downshifting. The only solution for the owners was to replace the entire transmission system, which costs $ 7,500 on average.

Another expensive problem with the 2015 model is the power steering fluid that is leaking. One owner said: “I took it to the dealer for an oil change. The dealer mentioned that the power steering tank was completely dry. They think there is a leak somewhere in the system and said it would be expensive to fix.” Owners have spent as much as $ 2,800 to fix the problem.

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As long as you maintain it regularly, a Jeep Grand Cherokee can offer 150,000 miles of service

According to reliable car sources, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is not particularly the most durable SUV on the market. Owners can, however, expect up to 150,000 miles of reliable service with regular maintenance. This means that over 11 years of us drove 13 000 km in one year.

Some owners of popular forums boast as much as 200,000 miles without any major overhaul. But if you’re the third or fourth owner of a Grand Cherokee, you should expect problems that pile up around 100,000 miles.

It is important to follow Jeep’s suggested maintenance routine to ensure you reach 150,000 miles. Some of the critical services include:

  • At 20,000 miles or two years: inspect the brake pads, front suspension and front and rear axles.
  • At 30,000 miles or three years: inspect the CV joints and gearbox fluid, replace the engine air filter.
  • At 100,000 miles or ten years: replace the spark plugs and gearbox fluid and inspect the PCV valves.

According to RepairPal website, the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s cost of ownership is $ 666, which is about a hundred dollars more than the average for all mid-size SUVs. This number may vary depending on the SUV’s model year, engine type and trim.

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Avoid Grand Cherokee’s problematic year models when looking for a used model

Jeep Grand Cherokee had a lot of widespread problems in 2011, 2014 and 2015. Problems ranging from TIPM faults to engine stops and unreliable transmission make them models that buyers should avoid.

If you are looking for a used Grand Cherokee, take the vehicle to a reputable mechanic to inspect everything to make sure you are not spending your money on a lemon. Some of the important parts you need to check are the engine’s oil consumption, transmission and front and rear axles.

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