Here is the Jeep Cherokee L Easter egg we know so far

If you own one Jeep, or have a friend who owns a Jeep (chances are they will let you know every time they can), then you have most likely encountered an Easter egg or two. With some references that are easier to detect than most, it is a great concept from Jeep to get in touch with its customers in a fun, easy and cost-effective way.

But it was not always like this. Before car designer Michael Santoro arrived in the 90’s, Jeep as a company did not have much of a personality outside of their unique design form. It was simply not the utilitarian, practical, Jeep mode. Thankfully, their dedicated customers found a way to convey their love for Jeep to a future car designer in Santoro.

Fortunately, everything changed when Santoro was commissioned to redesign TJ Wrangler in 1997. Santoro, thanks to being a major contributor to the design of the Dodge Cirrus / Stratus platforms (we have since forgiven him), found himself familiar with the history of the Jeep. , but not the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat make Jeep so lovable to millions of people around the world. Fortunately for the rest of us, he quickly learned from enthusiastic owners in which direction he wanted to take the Wrangler.

Utilizing the legendary seven-track grille, Santoro used this design cap to reconstruct the air intake on the cover to have the same design with seven bars. It was this design feature that was credited as Jeeps’ first, in a long line, Easter eggs to be included on their vehicles. The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L is no different. Join us as we identify some Easter eggs you may not be familiar with.

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Little Jeeps history

Blink and you will miss this subtle surprise, Jeep’s inaugural year etched into the side of the dashboard, facing the doors. One of the tougher Easter eggs to notice, the engraving celebrates the birth of the jeep during one of the most tumultuous periods in world history.

The Grand Cherokee Pout

If you happen to sit in the passenger seat and adjust the rearview mirror, you may notice that it is lurking in the black upholstery of the windshield, the iconic look of the Grand Cherokee. You’ll find a combination of Cherokee headlights and seven-compartment grille embedded in the design of the toning, making it one of the harder eggs to find.


What may be the easiest of these Easter eggs to find, that is, if you bought your Cherokee L stateside, is this special emblem. Both sides of the car adorn American flags in chrome after the Grand Cherokee brand, in case you forget which country you live in. There must be an American school geography joke there somewhere.

Jeeps in different area codes

A subtle nod to Motor City and Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant. The first and only site where the Grand Cherokee has been assembled since it began manufacturing in 1992. The factory, located a handful of miles from downtown Detroit, was an attempt to show Chrysler’s commitment to downtown Detroit and its revitalization.

Our first Willys appearance

Open the fuel tank and you will find a silhouette of Willys’ Jeep, one of two found on the Grand Cherokee L. Willys MB was a World War II vehicle that was largely responsible for the Allied victory, the fascist regimes of the Axis powers. Willys is forged in the forests and plains of Europe, Japan and Korea and is directly responsible for the Jeep capacity we know and love.

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Family decals

In what appears to be a reference to the horrific stick family decals, the third-row window tint has silhouettes side by side with the Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L, just above the air vents. Fortunately, it does not force you to see how many children and dogs they have.

An expensive accessory for cup holders

One of the biggest annoyances that keys to new times cause is the lack of dedicated space to keep them safe when traveling. Sure, you can stop it in some random place that the car manufacturers build because it’s a waste of space (* cough * Fiesta ST * cough *), or you can let the Jeep Grand Cherokee L’s cup holder gently hold it upright for you, to never get lost again. Just make sure your drinks have lids, it can end in an expensive accident waiting to happen.

Willys, we meet again

In yet another call back to the legendary Willys jeep, the window tint has a silhouette of the 4×4. It also seems to go up the steep slope of the window. What should be an easy task for Willys who crossed thousands of miles during several political conflicts.

Much like the hidden Easter eggs in video games, Jeep offers a host of subtle and exaggerated references. Some were meant to be discovered immediately, like Willys in the gas tank, and others were meant to be discovered after paying attention to every inch and detail of your Jeep, like the seven-track air intake on the TJ Wrangler.

It’s no surprise why the Jeep fandom has reached a memorable level of love; they are practical, capable, affordable (to some extent) and have a sense of detail that has since led other car designers to implement their own Easter eggs. Here’s one of the remaining car builders that has as much fun with its design tips as you can with the vehicles themselves, the Jeep.

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