Here are the coolest models in GMC’s lineup

GMC has created its space to build utility vehicles that are pleasing to the eye. The GMC brand is among America’s most favorites, popular and most competitive. Although GMC and Chevrolet are all brands under General Motors, GMC attracts a higher price tag, especially due to the higher level of equipment, design and effort to remain outstanding. GMC trucks, for example, are better dump trucks and have higher towing capacity than most of their Chevrolet counterparts. These and more premium features make them really cool for the driver who wants elegant and stylish designs. You can not miss the large GMC logo that is spread across the front grille.

There is also the aspect of extravagant luxury spread over higher trim, which is found in the GMC Denali range. With this truck, GMC has won respectable awards as being the most refined brand recognized by the Kelly Blue Book. GMC is also the proud carrier of General Motors The corporation’s complete identity, which helps to spread a legacy of greatness that has been built over a long period of time.

The brand started in 1902 as the Grabowsky Motor Vehicle Company, owned by Max Grabowsky. It would later become the Rapid Vehicle Company, selling about 75 trucks in 1904. It would not be long before General Motors noted Rapid Company’s rapid growth and bought it in full. The GMC logo first appeared on these trucks in 1912. Like many established companies during this season, the GMC made a significant contribution to military operations during the First World War. Looking back on these milestones, GMC is a brand worth celebrating. We have put together some models that stand out among GMC’s 2021 range.

8 2021 GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon and Yukon XL have been redesigned for 2021, although they still share their mechanical skill with the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban. They are available in three engine options that include two petrol Vs and a turbo-diesel inline-six. All engines are mated to a 10-speed automatic system that uses GMC’s push-button gear. Some of the biggest news in the Yukon’s structure is that it now has independent rear suspension.

The Yukon is a solidly built GMC and has been made even more comfortable with a more spacious interior for 2021. The XL, for example, will comfortably carry eight passengers. Denali upholstery is the top luxury option, spiced by a wood-trimmed dashboard and hand-sewn leather upholstery. No matter which Yukon trim you choose for 2021, you really get one of the coolest GMCs available.

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7 2021 GMC Sierra 3500

All truck lovers would like to pack a massively built and dominant truck in their garage. When choosing a truck like the GMC Sierra 3500 HD (Heavy Duty), you have made the right choice. This is among the best and most capable trucks on the market today, with very few competitors offering similar performance and capacity options.

The GMC Sierra 3500HD is equipped with several engine options that start with a 6.0 liter V8 that pushes 360 hp. It is connected to a six-speed automatic transmission. There is also the Duramax 6.6-liter turbodiesel V8 which pulls 379 ponies and 65 lb-ft of torque. It is a truck built for work and buyers can choose from a series of five trim levels.

6 2022 GMC Terrain

The terrain shares its DNA with the Chevrolet Equinox. Both vehicles are a good choice for small compact SUVs, and the updates that will be pumped into the 2022 GMC Terrain may be what makes the biggest difference.

An updated front and rear styling is the first thing you notice on this machine. There is also new functionality for Apple CarPlay and Android auto that allows passengers to view the phone’s apps on the touch screen without using a USB cable. Finally, the addition of the AT4 variant makes this machine more desirable for off-road fans. It will compete for the same sport with the Buick Envision, Mazda CX-5 and Honda CR-V.

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5 2022 GMC Acadia

Between the big Yukon and the smaller terrain sits the GMC Acadia, a three-row mid-size SUV that gives buyers a list of options to choose from. GMC scraps the SL base’s trim level and leaves SLE as the new base trim for Acadia. You then get SLT, ATV and Denali trim as your options, which means some features spread across them.

The SLE and SLT tunings are powered by a 2.0-liter inline-four turbocharged engine that produces 228 hp. The SLT takes up a 3.6-liter V-6 engine that pushes 310 hp, and you can add four-wheel drive at a cost. The luxurious Denali trim comes with a 2.0-liter engine and can get V-6 engine and four-wheel drive. Overall, the interior and exterior of the GMC Acadia are truly impressive to the eye and will make you move with a good level of comfort.

4 2021 GMC Canyon

Canyon must get rid of competitors such as Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, Honda Ridgeline and Nissan Frontier. Still, it struggles to establish its space in the segment for medium-sized pickups, although it has several strengths, starting with the sleek look from the facade to the rear and several attractive options for driveline.

As we have seen in other models, GMC continues to release the terrain-oriented AT4 tuning. Other details include the Elevation Standard, the Elevation and, again, the luxurious Denali. Canyon has a sibling in the Chevrolet Colorado. Both cars have been credited with a sparkling interest in this segment. Canyon is especially nicer and smoother.

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3 2022 GMC Sierra 2500HD

The 2500 HD is another admirable configuration of the GMC Sierra, and without a doubt a wonderful car to move around in. It combines the ability to work hard with the desire to be seen. While the bass trim starts at around $ 36,200, the luxurious Denali can get as much as $ 68,100.

GMC includes the Pro model for the 2022 version, which comes standard with a 5.6-liter V8 gas engine, air conditioning, rear-view mirrors and 17-inch steel wheels. You also get standard equipment that is sufficiently above the average of the competitors, such as Android Auto, Apple Carplay, Bluetooth connectivity and a backup camera.

2 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup

The Hummer never goes too far away from the stage. Even when it does not turn a blind eye to its gas-swallowing mechanics, it becomes a conversation about the city for its dominant position. There is talk again of the city as an EV version is prepared for 2022.

The EV version was unveiled in October 2020. It is ready to do 350 miles on a single charge and rise from 0-60 mph in just 3.0 seconds. The Hummer EV Pickup enters a highly controversial space where the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian EV truck are fighting for the highest price. This Hummer EV truck undoubtedly makes it a very interesting space to look at.

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The Hummer EV pickup will be accompanied by an SUV version planned for 2024. This means that over the next three years, the Hummer nameplate will compete aggressively with its peers with a complete range of fascinating products.

GM has rolled out the new Ultium battery technology for most of its electric cars and all Hummers will be beneficiaries. The interior of this expensive machine is extremely futuristic and takes up a 12.3-inch digital meter cluster, hard buttons and physical switchgear. From what has been suggested, we can only predict that this will be another cool addition to the GMC line.

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