GMC will be able to send extract mode to 2022 HUMMER EV owners as an OTA update

Since its announcement, GMC has promised that the 2022 GMC HUMMER EV would be revolutionary, now the automaker has developed revolutionary software to match it. GMC announced that “Extract Mode is the first all-new feature made available to the GMC HUMMER EV through over-the-air updates. Get ready to take on the obstacles in your path – literally.”

OnStar was recently upgraded to enable this kind of more complicated OTA technology. It’s amazing to think that a company can transmit something to your vehicle’s onboard computer that will raise or lower the suspension six inches.

Until now, most OTA transfers have been used to send software upgrades or patches to fix bugs in the vehicle’s computer system. This latest announcement is an indication of how far the software has come. Obviously, the HUMMER EVs in question were built with the necessary equipment, the vehicles need the software to enable what could be a high demand feature.

GMC’s description of extraction mode

“When the going gets rough, the available Extraction Mode feature allows the adaptive air suspension to be raised approximately 6 inches to help the GMC HUMMER EV handle extreme off-road situations, such as clearing large boulders and navigating deeper water.”

GM’s first electric super truck

The first 2022 HUMMER EVs, labeled Edition 1, started rolling off the line just before last Christmas. The 9,000-pound EV pickup has a range of 350 miles on a single charge, and its three engines combine to produce a GM-estimated best-in-class 1,000 horsepower and a GM-estimated 11,500 lb.-ft. of torque. Edition 1 Hummers sold for a whopping $112,595 and sold out immediately.

Other special features of the GMC HUMMER EV

  • Infinity Roof with removable Sky Panels. GMC teased this feature early. The expansive roof provides an outdoor driving experience.
  • Crab Walk gives Hummer the ability to control all four wheels. The segment-exclusive feature allows the Hummer to move diagonally at low speeds. This gives the driver better maneuverability in challenging terrain.
  • UltraVision adds new front and rear undercarriage cameras with live “virtual spotter” view to help drivers navigate on- and off-trail obstacles. The undercarriage cameras are packaged to protect against damage and equipped with a wash function to help clear away debris. Up to 18 camera views are available.
  • Large, 13.4-inch diagonal infotainment screen and 12.3-inch diagonal driver information center make it easier to access information.
  • Fast charging. Industry first technology mechanically switches the batteries from parallel to series mode during charging, making the HUMMER EV compatible with the fastest 350 kW DC fast chargers, enabling nearly 100 miles of range in 10 minutes of charging.
  • MultiPro tailgate with six different positions. The Hummer EV gets the most functional tailgate on the market.
  • Power rear drip glass window and power tonneau cover.
  • Super cruise. The GMC Hummer EV will have the latest edition of GM’s driver assistance system. They don’t call it autopilot but it allows for hands-free driving on most roads. Super Cruise requires the driver to remain engaged.

“We had one goal for the HUMMER EV: Build the most capable factory truck – ever,” said Al Oppenheiser, GMC HUMMER EV Chief Engineer. “It’s an absolute all-terrain beast with a unique e4WD drive system that provides maneuverability unlike anything GM has ever offered before.”

And now, thanks to new software technology, the GMC HUMMER EV will have the first extract mode of its kind.

GMC photo and video

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