GMC unveils Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX concept, previews of future GMC signals »Concept cars»

GMC’s AT4 brand has quickly become a potent sales force for the brand in recent years. GMC representatives claim that AT4-branded models have enabled them to win over new customers, and their mix of capacity and comfort has enabled them to fight toe-to-toe with rivals. GMC is also focusing on the future of AT4 and has revealed a glimpse of this upcoming reality with the all-new GMC Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX Concept.

An Overlander that can handle the toughest tracks

The concept uses the existing Canyon AT4 as its source material, but it takes things in a decidedly wilder direction with radical changes to maximize its off-road potential. A powerful front bumper from AEV has a built-in winch and even splashes of LED terrain lighting. American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) also provided the 17-inch Crestone wheels, shod with 33-inch BFGoodrich KM3 mud-terrain tires. The rear fascia has a more modest set of changes, but a powerful rear bumper is added while the spare tire is mounted on a swivel carrier that can be easily moved out of the way when passengers need access to the bed.

The chassis has been widened and reinforced for off-road driving with improved undercarriage protection, which helps protect the underside of the OVRLANDX concept from contact with boulders and frivolous obstacles. The bed comes loaded with storage and includes a new drawer system that helps you organize items. When not in use, the bed is covered with a durable stainless steel cover that comes with side storage, a built-in kitchen and a tool system and is even strong enough to handle a large ceiling-mounted tent. GM engineers even added branch lines to the front to protect the windshield from large branches.

“We wanted to showcase GMC Canyon with this concept and highlight GMC’s commitment to first-class off-road vehicles,” said Duncan Aldred Buick & GMC Global Vice President. leads an authentic outdoor lifestyle. “

This truck really has the goods, and some of the upgrades might signal what we could see in an extreme version of Canyon. AEV was once known for being a supplier that tended to do most of its business with Jeep but has branched out into other brands, including GM, in recent years. Some of their expertise could come in handy, especially when it comes to upgrading the exterior of such a model so that it can handle the tough stuff better.

OVRLANDX interior still has premium in its DNA

With all the robust designations that the exterior has received, the interior prefers to let some of its finer features speak for themselves. The main body of the cabin is transferred from the standard AT4, but the typically carbon black deal seen in standard AT4 models is replaced by a brown-colored leather-wrapped interior. It also seems to be a concept-exclusive shade as this shade is not found in the AT4 or the top-class Denali model.

“The Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX concept truck was designed to balance functionality with aesthetics. When landing, capacity is an important factor, but doing so with first-class style and comfort further enhances the experience for customers who really want zero compromises,” said John Owens, chief designer of the concept. We only get one angle on the interior, but a splash of carbon fiber-like trim adorns the gear lever, and GM’s latest version of its infotainment system is also on the way.

V6 Power defines a landing experience

While we initially suspected that the concept would be powered by Canyon’s optional 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine, the familiar 3.6-liter petrol V6 gets the credit instead. It’s mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and although GMC did not discuss formal performance details in depth, make sure the engine does not deviate too far from the standard 308 hp seen in standard Canyons.

The OVRLANDX concept will make its formal debut at the Overland Expo Mountain West 2021. Although it is unknown if the concept will ultimately create a production version, GMC’s statements may indicate that the brand is paying attention to public feedback. Perhaps some of its core themes will be transferred to a production model.

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