GMC Hummer EV Review 2022

Eighteen feet long, six and a half feet high, more than seven feet wide, and weighing more than four tons… At first glance, this really couldn’t be anything but a Hummer, right? But look closer and you’ll find a world of differences between this, the world’s first EV Supertruck, and the old Hummer H1 that preceded it.

While the basic exterior dimensions are pretty similar – and yes, the track is almost the same, so it can follow a tank in its tracks too – this new Hummer is a completely different proposition. For starters, it’s an electric car – packing a powerhouse-sized 205kWh battery between the two main frame rails and three motors, two in the back, one in the front.

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Then there is the focus on the matter. Rather than being designed as a military vehicle and then semi-domesticated in civilian environments, the HEV has been designed, from its 35-inch tires up to the retractable roof panels, to be the most fun civilians can have on four wheels.

It has also neatly sidestepped the need to restart its own dealer network by embedding the reborn Hummer brand under the GMC umbrella. So instead of needing their own facilities, Hummers can be sold in existing dealerships alongside the other premium GM truck-based products.

This pickup version will be joined next year by an SUV variant. It’s based on the same chassis, which will also underpin the new Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup, but varies by having a marginally shorter range and a spare wheel as standard (the pickup can do without) bolted to the rear door.

How did it happen then?

There’s no sense of it being designed down to a standard or price, and every sign that the team was told to “just make it better, more capable than anyone could have imagined”. Despite, or perhaps because of, the thing being designed from blank sheet to production ready in just over two years, it is smothered in design easter eggs and engaging details.

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The time-bound EV design and engineering team used the ambitious Apollo 11 moonshot as their rallying theme for their grand efforts. And there are references to the buried throughout the vehicle. From maps of the Sea of ​​Tranquility, where Apollo 11 landed on the moon, on the door speaker grills to the moving graphics on the central screen showing the HEV moving across the lunar surface.

Is it all fancy design details and no capacity?

Not at all. The Edition 1 HEV has 1,000 hp and 1,200 lb ft of torque. A range of 350 miles and can be quickly charged using 800V technology, where available. In addition, it has an air-suspended chassis that can lift the vehicle over 15.9 inches high and down to as few as eight. And then there’s rear-wheel steering.

This latter feature, coupled with the low center of gravity from charging the batteries between the two frame rails on the BT1 platform, and the slingshot speed make the HEV capable of things you wouldn’t imagine. On the road, it can turn in the same radius as a Tesla Model 3 and accelerate to 60 mph just as quickly (3.1 sec).

Then it can SuperCruise hands-free to your destination, even changing lanes on its own to maintain progress. This second generation system is now one of, if not the best autopilot available. Off-road, it can wiggle up tight trails like a vehicle half its size and weight, using the available 18 different UltraVision camera views to fill in any blind spots.

Can’t be cheap with all the equipment on it…

This version 1 version, which is already sold out, is priced at $110,000. That may sound like a lot but it doesn’t when you’ve seen and driven the HEV. When you think about it, you can easily pay that for a RAM TRX with a bit of dealer margin which starts to put it into perspective. Plus all subsequent versions will also be significantly cheaper.

What is the verdict?

It is quite difficult to convince ourselves that this HEV really exists. But fun vehicles like this don’t come along very often

Even now that we’ve driven it extensively on and off the road, it’s still pretty hard to convince ourselves that this HEV really exists as a production model and not some weird concept. But it does, and more than 66,000 people have reserved one, so we just have to get over it.

The other pleasant surprise is how fun to use and easy to drive the entire vehicle feels on and off the road. There is a sense of humor throughout its details that make it a surprisingly entertaining place to be. There is also a sense of quality and strength in all the components that has never been a trademark of previous Hummers.

It’s not perfect, of course. With all that weight and bluff facade, it eats through the available battery power faster than a small city. And with no engine to drown out the outside noises, there’s quite a bit of wind noise and tire squealing. Also, for all its clever maneuverability, it’s a challenge to drive on narrow city streets.

But none of these things could or should deter you from trying one on for size. Vehicles this fun don’t come along very often, so don’t check it off the list until you’ve tried one. It might not fit your current lifestyle, but it might be time to rethink. Lobster made it his trademark. Now might be the time to do it to yours.

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