GMC embraces the present future

While we haven’t reached the dawn of flying cars yet, we’ve gotten used to the high expectations we have for today’s automotive technology. If Siri and Alexa can act as personal assistants, and Tupac can do Coachella as a hologram, why can’t our cars also live up to our technological demands? Car manufacturers have been listening intently. They scribble notes on a yellow pad, then clock hours in a research lab, sorting out their new ideas. Drivers are looking for one GMC dealer can be sure that GMC’s dedicated engineers and designers continue to remove the best technical features from the assembly line.

Let’s explore the technological revolutions of two staples in GMC’s lineup. The 2022 Sierra Heavy Duty pickup truck integrates technology for an easier and more comfortable driving experience without compromising on power and durability. Meanwhile, the return of the cult classic Hummer returns as an EV pickup and EV SUV. Launching an EV version of the Hummer feels like poetic justice since the previous generation Hummers were relentlessly criticized as gigantic, gas-guzzling polluters. Let’s dive into the details.

Sierra Heavy Duty ’22

The Sierra Heavy Duty has always been a powerful, performance-driven pickup, and the 2022 model is no different. It still asserts dominance on the road with its 6.6L V8, which generates 401 horsepower and 464 lb-ft of torque, and prioritizes power with a six-speed automatic transmission and either rear or all-wheel drive. There’s also an option to get the Sierra HD with a Duramax diesel 6.6L V8 engine for an extra boost to 445 horsepower. While engine optimization remains part of GMC’s game plan, they are now also embracing the benefits of technology. The new model is stacked with technical features inside and out.

This model is stacked with safety features that are innovative and easy to use. With up to 15 different camera views available, there’s no base GMC didn’t cover to help with visibility. On the outside, trailer safety is a must. There is a rear camera mirror to give you a wider and less obstructed view behind the truck, or you can switch between the camera view and the traditional rearview mirror.

To further enhance trailering technology, GMC developed the In-Vehicle Trailering app, where you can create custom trailering profiles and trailering statuses, including tire pressure and temperature monitoring. The app is part of the infotainment system, which includes 5 trailer profiles, a companion phone app, myGMC Mobile App, Trailer Light Sequence and maintenance reminders. Those buying for towing capacity will be pleased with how intelligent these trailer tools are and how streamlined it makes the process.

Available High-Definition Surround Vision uses multiple cameras working simultaneously to display an overhead image of the area around your truck. It is available to drive at low speeds to help with off-road obstacles or even just tight spots in a parking garage. The 15-inch diagonal multi-color Head-Up Display, the first in its class, helps keep eyes on the road by projecting key statistics onto the windshield. It displays speed, tachometer, mobile alerts, navigation, forward collision warning, lane departure warning and more.

The sound also gives a power. It’s configured to play music outdoors but without leaving the truck running: the 100-watt external audio system uses Bluetooth to stream whether you’re camping or backpacking and still crave high-quality sound. Speaking of entertainment, the Sierra HD is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for wired or wireless use. Another unique attribute is the available Amazon Alexa built-in, so you can access music, directions, calls and more hands-free.

A white 2022 Hummer EV is shown from the front on a forest path.

The all-electric Hummer

Originally discontinued in 2010, we thought we’d never see a Hummer take up a comically large amount of road space again. And understandably so, since it was called a gas guzzler when a full tank cost less than a fine dinner. With gas now hovering around $6 a gallon in some states, it’s inconceivable that GMC would return this tank-sized army model as anything close to its previous generation. But alas, GMC took a hard left and built the Hummer as an EV, producing a full-size truck version, as well as an SUV, promising it would be “the world’s first all-electric super truck.”

Since the Hummer name has classically been known for its not-so-subtle size, it would be a challenge to make it fully electric and still fun to drive. So GMC stepped up and used a vast array of technology to make it a reality. Terrain technology got the royal treatment. First, the Hummer is equipped with 18-inch wheels, rugged Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires and a unique four-corner air suspension system. What makes this suspension system so special is the variable clearance of 15.9 inches of ground clearance in extract mode or 11.9 inches in off-road mode.

But the coolest feature of the new Hummer EV is easily the four-wheel steering designed to let the car “crab go.” With a 10-degree turn of the rear wheels, the CrabWalk allows both the truck and the SUV to drive diagonally at low speeds, opening up countless off-road possibilities and bragging rights for the owner. It’s hard to imagine owning this car and not inviting everyone around to “come watch my car drive diagonally!”

Another significant technological advance for the new Hummer is the powerful electric motor itself. It is estimated that the Edition 1 pickup will have up to 1,000 horsepower and up to 11,500 lb-ft of torque, while the SUV will likely be around 830 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque. The approximate 0-60 MPH is just 3 seconds for the truck and 3.5 seconds for the SUV.

Hummer EVs are equipped with GMC’s new Ultium battery pack technology, which provides an estimated range of 329 miles on a full charge. It’s compatible with 800-volt electrical architecture and 350-kilowatt fast charging, which GMC says will add 100 miles of range during a 10-minute charge. For drivers who won’t live near one of the specialized DC charging stations, the Hummer EV is also adaptable to standard public charging terminals that already exist.

GMC has also brought the styling into the future. Standard Hummer EVs will feature transparent sky panels, exclusive interior badging and an optional Interstellar White exterior. There is an option for a Lunar Shadow interior with Jet Black and Taupe accents or Tech Bronze accents. But it’s not just beautiful; it is practical. The all-weather floor gives the interior the versatility to handle any situation in style. Available UltraVision means up to 18 cameras on both the pickup and SUV with the ability to display a digital overlay of the area around the Hummer when traveling at low speeds. It’s safe to say that the new Hummer’s lineup seems ready to tackle anything.

Best foot forward

GMC is really always trying to push towards the future by releasing models with a lot of exciting technological features that just keep getting better and better. With all the upgrades made to the Sierra, fans of this truck can expect to be satisfied and impressed. With dozens of safety features and reliable power, it’s the pickup for today and tomorrow. As for the upcoming Hummer EV lineup, we imagine the waiting lists will fill up quickly. Orders for Edition 1 are already sold out and demand can only grow as the news comes out. These are just two examples of vehicles with some of the best technology GMC currently has to offer.

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